Everyone's a nervous wreck now.

Posted On: Friday - March 27th 2020 7:36PM MST
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That's the effect of this Kung Flu infotainment panic-fest and the financial stress that it's put people under. "They'll run for cover, when they discover ..."

Peak Stupidity featured the English rock band Supertramp for the first time just recently with the uplifting song It's Raining Again. The one here is not at all uplifting, but sure seems to apply to today's America. Keyboard player Rick Davies wrote this one back in 1978, 42 years back. Maybe there were a few nervous wrecks back then too, but I sure wasn't a part of any of that.

I’m feeling so alone now.
They cut the telephone uh huh.
Yeah my life is just a mess.

I threw it all away now.
I could have made a fortune.
I lost the craving for success.

And as the acrobats they tumble,
so the corn begins to crumble,
while in the mirror
she admires a brand new dress.

Live on the second floor now.
They’re trying to bust the door down.
Soon I’ll have a new address.

So much for liberation.
They’ll have a celebration.
Yeah I’ve been under too much stress.

And as the clouds begin to rumble,
so the juggler makes his fumble,
and the sun upon my wall is getting less.

Don’t, give a damn.
Fight, while you can.
Kill, shoot ’em up.
They’ll run amok.
Shout, Judas.
Loud, they’ll hear us.
Soldier, sailor,
who’s your tailor?
They’ll run for cover when they discover
everyone’s a nervous wreck now.

I used to think she was so nimble.
Would have bought her as symbol.
But now I can’t afford the pen to sign her checks.

Don’t give a damn……………………….

They’ll run for cover when they discover
everyone’s a nervous wreck now.
Life’s just a bummer. They got your number.
We’ll give as good as we get now.
Rise from the gutter, stick with each other.
We’ll drive ’em over the edge now.
They’re gonna bleed, that’s what they need.
We’ll get together and blow their cover.
We’re ready.
Yeah we’re ready.
Yeah we’re ready …

I never realized how powerful these lyrics were till a couple of days back when I copied them from a music lyrics site, as I haven't listened to this one in years. That's some great keyboard playing by Rick Davies too.

We'll could feature any of the 10 songs from this album, Breakfast in America, as there is not a bad song on there. As heard on this tune and can be heard on a few more on that album, these guys are masters at the fade ending, putting me in some kind of trance most times.

Tuesday - March 31st 2020 8:00AM MST
PS: Lastly, Mr. Anon, I hope you've already read Mr. Hail's great long comment as the most recent post here. (You can see his permission right here.)

I hope I can hear from you more below that one, or really under any of the Peak Stupidity posts. Thanks for writing in.

BTW, you've had a lot of funny ones there on unz. I'm sorry that I run out of LOLs sometimes.
Tuesday - March 31st 2020 7:57AM MST
PS: Mr. Anon, yes we are dissidents, indeed. I'm kinda hoping things will get back to normal on the normally-sane little archipelago on unz.com*. That'd be especially iSteve. BTW, Audacious Epigone has NOT gone too far down the hole into this infotainment panic-fest. He's a very civil guy, though I think Steve Sailer's posts, other than those involving the Kung Flu, are usually by far the most interesting to comment on (and the commenters are top notch, including present company, right?).

This site has a lame-ass commenting system, and not enough people yet (but getting better and so far 95% good people**) I could spend 50 x as much time on unz, were I a reader here too, so hopefully you've got a few more to browse daily. I really am hooked on unz.com - too much, in fact.

* I would say a majority of Mr. Unz's site is pure anti-everything-America. I'm getting the feeling that that is his mindset too. He thinks California will be the big redoubt, because the Hispanics have pushed out the (very) pesky Black people. It's ain't gonna be no picnic in that half-foreign, beyond-broke former paradise, IMO.

** The viagra-ad spamming from Russian IP#s was stopped cold by the simple measure that you know about from the bold print here. (It goes to show you that no humans are involved in picking on a site to spam.)
Tuesday - March 31st 2020 7:49AM MST
PS: First, thanks for the Supertramp info., Mr. Anon. Back in the day when I first got the "Breakfast in America" album on vinyl, I had the time and space in my head to learn about every band I liked. Now, I don't even make an effort.

Take "Collective Soul" for example, a little more recent band, but still pretty old-timey now, a Millennial would tell you. I got 3 of their albums on CD, liked them a lot, but never even knew who ANY of the band members were. In fact, I didn't really pay attention to the names of most of the songs on the albums either. I need to feature them again as it's been almost 3 years:


(That was the song "December" How TF am I supposed to remember that, though? If you have listened to them before, what you'd remember is "don't blah-blah=blah, don't blah-blah-blah, dont' blah-blah-blah, baby, just spit me out" or whatever the lyrics actually are!)
Mr. Anon
Tuesday - March 31st 2020 12:05AM MST
PS I believe that "Ain't Nobody But Me" was due to Rick Davies. As a general rule for Supertramp, the harder/darker/downbeat a song is ("Ain't Nobody But Me", "Rudy", "Bloody Well Right"), it was written and/or performed by Davies; the softer/dreamier/upbeat a song is ("Logical Song", "It's Raining Again", "Give a Little Bit"), it was written and/or performed by Roger Hodgson.

By the way, we have exchanged a few comments over at unz.com/isteve. I've decamped to your site more recently to escape the Corona-Freakout. I believe that you and I, and a few others, are the lone skeptics over there who think that the reaction to CoV is shear madness. I sometimes feel like Will Ferrell's character in Zoolander:


unz.com is already a dissident site. That makes us dissidents among dissidents; misfits who don't even fit in with misfits.

Monday - March 30th 2020 4:21AM MST
PS: I just listened to that one, Mr. Anon. I'll have to get used to that one - the vocals (Roger Hodgson?) just sound different to me. Thanks.
Mr. Anon
Sunday - March 29th 2020 1:22PM MST
PS, Super Tramp was a great group. As you say, nary a bad song. I also highly reccomend another one of their songs "Ain't Nobody But Me" off one of their earlier albums.
Saturday - March 28th 2020 2:05PM MST
PS: Thanks, Hail. I'll put it up next week. You write some really great essays.
Saturday - March 28th 2020 10:42AM MST
PS, just wanted to respond to your request to say 'Yes' you may use my long comment at:


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