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Posted On: Thursday - March 26th 2020 4:08PM MST
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(This is pretty much an update of our post TV for thee, but not for me, even for free., the update being that it's the same old stupid shit outta these people.)

My, how nice! It's not my birthday, so... you shouldn't have.

No, really, I mean, don't do this again!

The image above is a scan of the nice piece of mail I got a few days back. No, it wasn't my birthday*, and it's too late for Christmas cards, even from those people you surprise with a card last minute (just to screw with 'em) and have to hurry something out the door after New Years. Of course, in this day and age it's gonna be junk mail.

Within the Curmudgeonry topic key, there are a few posts that mention junk mail, as the reader would figure. Our most on-topic rant in that regard would be Junk mail under Idiocracy. Yes, the generators of junk mail are getting smarter and smarter. There are nondescript envelopes that you figure you'd better open, cause you just don't know (replacement debit card?). There are are pieces of mail that look like there are checks inside. You know it's bogus, but just in case ... Drats! There are letters from the insurance company or bank that you figure are important, but nope, it's a sales pitch. (These latter are truly my least favorite and have warranted some words with them in the past.)

Now, we have a nice greeting card that I know is not really a personal greeting card, even with the pretty blue envelope. They went through so much trouble picking it out, so ... I kid you not, it was ANOTHER ad from the internet company that I am a customer of. Crimeny! I got another more obvious advertising letter 2 days after this one. How much of my bill do they spend on this crap? Is that why they just went up 5 bucks?

What I really think is that some corporate big-shots just reckon that NO ONE SHOULD BE WITHOUT A SOURCE OF TV! No one should get away with that kind of thing. It's egregious and un-American.

Thank you for that small fraction of a BTU from the energy in your pretty blue envelope, internet people. We have a warm feeling inside already, but please, quit trying to get me on TV. It's a lost cause.

* oops, that narrows it down a bit for you doxxers. Keep at it, fellers!

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