Inauguration of Donald Trump - a Righteous Dude!

Posted On: Friday - January 20th 2017 8:57AM MST
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PeakStupidity has had a lot of good things to say about our new president lately. However, we don't think he is the Second Coming, we think he tweets and shoots his mouth off too much, he takes things too personally sometimes, and we liked Ronald Reagan more. The guy, though, seems to have a good head on his shoulders, as he picks the right guys for advice, and his political instincts to try to do what's right for Americans, not America Inc, subsidiary of Soros, IMF, World Bank, conglomerates, are very good. Each time he learns about a political issue, he seems to seek the truth.

Now, in another post we will emphasize that this guy alone, no matter how good his intentions and plans are, CANNOT do it by himself. Just your votes and campaign support are NOT ENOUGH, PEOPLE. He has most of the world arrayed against him, and so do we.

However, for right now, inauguration day, as Bikers, Potheads, Snowflakes, & Women - Washington Braces For Protests, Patriots, & Physical Conflict, we, the geeks, motorheads, sluts, sportos, wastoids .... we think he's a righteous dude!

[He's very popular, Ed(itor)]

OK, from the President-Elect to the President-Eject, all we can say about that Affirmative-Action-hire, never-worked-a-day-in-his-life, effeminate, lazy, racist POS is that things would probably not have been run any better if Juan McCain or Romney had been elected in most areas. Due to the fact that most Americans still go for the Red Team vs. Blue Team theme, not realizing that they are just two squads of the same team, we'd have not gotten a better man because "I won't vote for this Constitutionalist because HE CAN'T WIN." No he can't, because of too many people like you.

The only thing that Øb☭ma dis-complished that may not have happened without him was to make race relations in this country worse than ever before. Let's hope he just gets back to "organizing communities". Let him organize some little disaffected groups of misfits, such as possibly the Chicago People's Front, or the People's Front of Chicago. BTW, whatever happened to the Popular Front?

Øb☭ma is the guy on the right during the last 3 seconds of this video.

S P L I T T E R !

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