Be Strong, Wuhan!

Posted On: Monday - March 23rd 2020 8:45AM MST
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Maybe this latest Paul Kersey post, Is NYC Coronavirus Ground Zero Because Massive "Be Strong Wuhan" Feb 9th Chinese New Year's Parade Helped Spread The Chinese Virus?, isn't supposed to be funny, but I got a very-near LOL out of it. The Humor topic key applies.

Off the VDare page:

I'm gonna include the whole excerpt that writer Paul Kersey did from a site called 1010wins radio:
Signs of support for the Chinese city at the center of a global virus outbreak marked floats at the Lunar New Year parade in Manhattan’s Chinatown.

Brightly colored puppets made their way through the New York City streets Sunday in front of crowds of onlookers.

A banner on one float read “Support Wuhan! Let’s fight the virus together!”

Another urged, “Wuhan stay strong.”

The coronavirus outbreak that started in China in December has killed more than 800 people and infected more than 37,000 people around the world.

No cases have been identified in New York City.
[ Yeah, not yet!! ]
Hahaaa ... see what I mean? You can't make this up, as they say. This is from February 9th ...Yes, let's all fight this virus together, so rally around, Chinamen, keep it close and tight to show our great strength. Everyone, shout it out loud. No, I can't hear you! LOUD! Wuhan, stay strong!! You go, Wuhanians. [hawks a big loogie onto the sidewalk, between two Wuhan supporters, with great accuracy] We're with you. We feel your pain! [well, pretty much. It's just a tingle in the throat so far ...]

I'm sorry. If you are a NY City reader, then maybe this is not quite so funny, but for the rest of us, well, I only WISH I could have made this up myself. Peak Stupidity apologizes profusely here for our lack of enough creativity to match the stupidity of reality. Man, I hate to lose face like this.

Again Be Strong, Wuhan! Get off that ventilator, out of the hospital and out on the street! Come on, everyone, SHOUT IT, SHOUT IT, SHOUT IT OUT LOUD!

(Yes, that last repetition of the sarcasm was written entirely to segue into this KIZZ number, from their 1976 album Destroyer. Oh, and coincidentally, this band was from New York City.)


Paul Stanley – lead and backing vocals, rhythm guitar
Gene Simmons – lead and backing vocals, bass
Ace Frehley – lead guitar, backing and lead vocals
Peter Criss – drums, backing and lead vocals

PS: Oh, man, this brings back a tragic story about that album Destroyer. I had to leave some vinyl behind when making a big move years ago (seriously, nothing more would fit in the rent-a-car). I wanted to sell it to a used record store, along with 3 others that wouldn't fit in the milk crate. The guy wanted to give me 25 cents apiece. That was a travesty even in that era, so I left the 4 albums on the grassy median of the busy street for anyone to pick up. The tragic part is that the Leo Sayer's Greatest Hits album got to go on the move with me and not KISS - Destroyer!

Monday - March 23rd 2020 11:44AM MST
PS: Yes, I read a little about that one too, Mr. Blanc. I wonder if the family of a former Kung-Flu victim could sue the pants off this guy, or have a hit placed on him, it being Italy and all... The Chinamen involved would have to be silenced too, so it'd get complicated. Buy 'em off with free dumpling Fridays, excepting Lent?
Monday - March 23rd 2020 9:39AM MST
PS It was (I believe) the mayor of Florence, Italy, who encouraged his citizens to “hug a Chinaman” to demonstrate their lack of racism. Our political class really are a bunch of dumb bleeps.
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