There are many false peaks on the way to Peak Stupidity, glasshoppa.

Posted On: Friday - January 20th 2017 7:19AM MST
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Now, take the joint pebble from my hand ....

First, free your mind, now listen the f__k up to my story: many years ago I was climbing up a "mountain" in Ireland, really just about a 1500 ft. hill, near the west coast of that beautiful land. This hill did not have any rock at the surface, so, after I got across a bunch of barb-wire fences and stone walls, it was just soggy peat covered with wet grass. (That country never dries out, apparently, in every sense of the word ;-}

Just from experience, I figured I was almost to the top of the 1500' elevation gain as I saw a 20 ft. rise with nothing but sky on top, as the terrain was kind of featureless. As I ran up that rise, I expected to be at the high point where I would have a good view all around. Well, there was another rise that I couldn't have seen until I was all the way up the first one. I got up that one and the same thing happened again. I kid you not, that this happened about 8-10 more times until I did get to the top. I truly felt exactly like Sideshow Bob felt here:

What was the point of the story, young Kung Fu guy, you ask? First, sit down crosslegged in the dirt and quit figeting, dammit. The point is that there are many false peaks on the path to Peak Stupidity my son, and marijuana is just one of them. Here's the headline of this Steve Sailor post: TNR: A Weed Website Is Racist for Calling Itself "Civilized" (TNR is "The New Republic" to which I'll be dammed if I'm gonna' link.)

Is it even worth a comment? Can we get more stupid. or is there one more rise that we can't see just yet? I'll say this - these lefty SJW's or whatever a good term would be, are going around in circles here, until they will be offended by their own selves. Think about it - "civilization" is racist - yeah, so, us non-racist people, everyone but the white guys, are not civilized, so only white males cause this civilization ... wait .... whoa Nellie, peak stupidity ahead... don't know what's on the other side..... there be Dragons.

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