Beware the Kung Flu!

Posted On: Wednesday - March 18th 2020 10:50AM MST
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Who to believe? They've both got blue check marks. One guy's got a little blue birdie, though, and the other guy's got a heart:

"Deathly afraid" of THIS moment, Dr. Gu? Let's talk about deathly afraid when your lungs are filled with yellow phlegm, asshole!

It's often the case that what I was just about to write is something I see written about before I get started on one of my favorite web sites. This is such a case, as James Fulford on VDare just posted The Chinese Virus came from China and Chinese People and it is OK to say so today or yesterday.

Yeah, go read that one, but, needless to say, I will chime in anyway. This post will be more about President Trump, I guess. That tweet above, with the oh-so-offended replier apparently disagreeing, is from our President. Now, Peak Stupidity has bad-mouthed the guy numerous times (pick and choose here) for not sticking to what Candidate Trump promised, not knowing HOW to stick to those promises, and getting distracted and just mouthing off instead slowly and strategically getting the job done (like a Reagan would have).

However, on that mouthing off part, I do appreciate it on occasion. This is one such time. It could just be that the guy doesn't think much before he types, but in this case, I think it's that President Trump is again rubbing his lack of Political Correctness in our supposed elites' noses, just to get a rise out of them. Actually, it helps get a rise out of the decent Americans in a good way too, which would be great if he'd rally people to some serious purpose.

Yes, as Mr. Fulford says, this particular virus DID come from China. He discusses, and I myself have memories of, a number of others coming from that part of the world over the last couple of decades. It may have been Thailand one time, China another, but it's usually Asia.

Why are they mostly from Asia? We all know that people over there have more exotic tastes, eating animals that we wouldn't even have as pets here. Some we would. I guess these animals are closer in some biological sense to humans, as we never seem to get anything viral from our best friends here, the cats and dogs. Also, the fact that there is just no damn extra room in most livable parts of Asia so people have to live quite a bit more like bats has got to be a contributing factor, allowing for a quick initial spread of these new strains.

Maybe "the Bat Soup Flu", "the Bat Shit Flu", and that sort of thing are a little over the top and not so accurate, as we really don't know for sure how this virus got started on humans. But "China Flu"? There never has been a problem before with the naming of a new strain of something or other after its known source. This naming shouldn't even be offensive to anyone. Just be glad you're not sick and laid up in the damn hospital. It's having one's lungs filling with fluid that's offensive!

Here at Peak Stupidity, the naming is a work in progress. I'm not happy with my "Wuhan Willies" effort. From another tweet by some offended so-and-so, I have come upon the appellation "the Kung Flu". No, that's a bit meaningless, but it's clever nonetheless. Kung Flu it is, for now, and a big THANKS to President Trump for not cowering in the face of the PC crowd. With the alternative in office, the PC would make this big infotainment panic-fest that much more unbearable.

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