Jared Taylor on Xenophobia

Posted On: Monday - March 16th 2020 6:34PM MST
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Peak Stupidity has come to realize our error in our very 2nd post, the assumption of which was that the term "xenophobia" refers to an unnatural fear of the Noble Gases (those fortunate elements with 8 electrons in their outer shells). Apparently that's not the case, and we regret any error or embarrassment so-caused (plus that thing where we told you that Tolstoy's War and Peace was originally titled War - What is it Good For?)

With this Wuhan Flu going around, Americans have been bombarded with tweets (see here and here) warning us about stigmatizing people or being xenophobic.

Mr. Jared Taylor, of the American Renaissance organization and website, an advocacy group for white people, presents "Xenophobia Can Save Your Life". No matter what slurs people will come up with for a group that cares about white people, it seems to me that Mr. Jared Taylor would be hard to criticize. He is such a soft-spoken guy, and speaks with lots of reason and almost no emotion.

It's 10 minutes long. We hope you like it.

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