Make yourself known to Uncle Sam, or else "No funds for you!"

Posted On: Thursday - March 12th 2020 7:46PM MST
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Peak Stupidity has emitted its opinion on the matter of the US Feral Government's Decadal Census before in Don't ask me no questions ... and I won't tell you no lies. (Yes, Lynryrd Skynyrd, and boy, spell check is ignorant!) That image above is 1/2 of a letter we go recently informing us of our obligation in this Constitutional process.

As I wrote in that earlier post, yes, I will tell them how many people live in this house. No, I will not fill out any kind of long-form about the number of flush toilets inside (you'd hope they are the flush type), what we use for heating, or whether we like Coke or Pepsi. None of that stuff is mentioned in Article 1, Section 2.

Look at the wording if you can read it in that image. Don't those 1st two of the three reasons for me to want to participate really stand out? I'm supposed to be all in favor of MY State getting its fair share of Uncle Sam's money that he steals off of every paycheck. Uncle Sam has a lot of strings attached to that cash, making my State government big shots nothing but Uncle Sam sackhangers ... well, most of them. The 2nd item says the same thing except as specifically related to "my" "First Responders"* and highway money. The latter is what the Feds LUV LUV LUV to use for blackmail.

It's only the last of 3 that is a Constitutional reason for me to want to participate, and that's assuming my representative and Senators represent and senate(?) my ass. They don't.

On the representation thing, Peak Stupidity has discussed already, in Illegal Aliens' effect on Election '16, the good point brought up by someone else that the States themselves don't mind at all the illegals getting counted, as that ups their share out of Uncle Sam's ... teat's probably not the right place anymore.

I had another thing to say on this 2020 census in particular, but I'll leave that for another post. If the Skynyrd song is in your head, please go back to that post. Thanks for participating here, at least. Uncle Sam can kiss my ass.

* See much more on the First Responders here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Sunday - April 5th 2020 9:14AM MST

a) I respect your attitude, Adam. This one is explicitly proscribed as a job of the Fed-Gov in the US Constitution. I give them the number, but that's it - again, no number of toilets, questions about the heating system, and especially number of guns.

b) That would definitely work, Adam! However, you may be in a better position to provide justice than some retard who they do pick. When you show up, if you answer honestly the questions about yourself, both lawyers will strike you anyway, so I guess that's a waste of time ...
Adam Smith
Sunday - April 5th 2020 7:03AM MST
PS: I don't answer the census, it's none of their damn business. If they had asked nicely, it would have been different.

Jury Duty...

Just let them know you believe in jury nullification and recreational cannabis. You'll never be called again.

Friday - March 13th 2020 6:49PM MST
PS: Good on you for that, Mr. Blanc, including the jury duty, because if decent, smart people, keep refusing, justice becomes even more of a sham. Yeah, they'll usually strike you.

I had to beg off recently due to knowing I'd be out of town. I wrote in the letter: "Why didn't you guys write me more 15 years ago?! I had no job, and would have come in every day", yes, for the 15 bucks.

I did get picked just one time back then. I got struck due to my job, but I hung around for the DUI case about an hour and a half, just to collect my $15 - I was not in good financial shape back then! It was pretty interesting too.
Friday - March 13th 2020 7:59AM MST
PS I do resist any cooperation with the Federal government. Or any level of government (especially as I live in Cook County, Illinois). I did turn up for jury duty last year, even though I can now beg off due to old age, because I decided that my fellow citizens are guaranteed a jury of not-total knuckleheads (I flatter myself). Apparently the sight of potential jurors induced to accused to cop a plea and I was home by noon. As far as the census goes, I’ll leave that to Mme B, who is a Goody Two Shoes and will doubtless comply.
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