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Posted On: Thursday - March 5th 2020 11:07PM MST
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WHO are these people.

(Note: not the original physical tweet. This is a facsimile thereof.)

We've got to be pretty close to Peak Stupidity when this international health organization is more worried about what people call this disease than preventing its spread. I'm not a big fan of international organizations with any real power anyway, but it'd be great if the World Health Organization spent time investigating the threats to the health of the World's population, rather than the threats to Political Correctness.

As a matter of fact, a number of these different new viruses DID originate in the Orient. The origin of this one really has been narrowed down to the city of Wuhan from the first time we've heard of it. Wuhan IS in China. China IS in Asia. Finally, that's a load of crap that the virus was named COVID-19 to avoid "stigmatization". It is named, as one might figure, COrona VIrus Disease from 2019.

I guess there are plenty of real health professionals - doctors, nurses, and scientists - in the WHO who do serious work, so this tweet is likely the product of an Affirmative Action hire WHO probably doesn't know a coronavirus from his ass. He knows how to tweet though, so promote him to PC tweeter to keep him out of the way of those getting work done. I'm surprised blue-check-mark WHO guy didn't go full on General Casey with "What's happening with these people dying is a tragedy, but I think it would be an even greater tragedy if our viral diversity becomes a casualty." I mean, there may be lots of coughing up of yellow phlegm and explosive diarrhea, but so long as no one gets stigmatized ...

This stuff is just embarrassing to anyone who is under the impression he lives in the 1st World. WHO is head of the WHO, anyway ...

... Roger Daltrey or Pete Townsend?

Down with the WHO! Long live The WHO and long live rock!

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