Los Angeles Attorney General's Husband for Pres - 2020!

Posted On: Wednesday - March 4th 2020 5:29PM MST
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I came across this story yesterday. Having not paid attention to what goes on in the Land of Fruits and Nuts, South, for quite a few years, I don't know these characters. The black man in the video below is the husband of the LA DA (easy for me to say). There were "Black Live Matter" protesters outside right up to his house, and this guy had had enough.

I have no idea what the brew-haha was about, and I don't care that they are BLM versus antifa or some other low-IQ goons. They don't have a right to be on this guy's lawn, much less his front porch. If he says leave, property rights say they need to leave. This guy just tried to encourage them a tad.

I've got the video clip set to show just the actual event, with all the talking heads of the Lyin' Press cut out of the scene. That's what they do, right?

Hopefully I wouldn't be disappointed by most of the stuff that comes out of the mouth of his wife regularly during office hours, though likely so, but I'll say without knowing, that this guy is a real American.

David Lacey - 2020!

Campaign Motto: GET! OFF! OF! OUR! PORCH!

PS: Should it be "LA Attorney's General husband" in the post title? I'm no William Safire, known to order two Whopper's Junior ... old The Onion post, you'll be lovin' it!

Thursday - March 5th 2020 11:11PM MST
PS: OTOH, you've got only 3 to 5 shells versus maybe 17 or so. The shotgun would probably be scarier for the folks invading his porch.
Thursday - March 5th 2020 10:40AM MST
PS Shotguns are more effective for crowd control.
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