Goodbye to Rosie, the Queen of Corona

Posted On: Saturday - February 29th 2020 3:25PM MST
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No, no, it''s not worth it!

Peak Stupidity has only discussed the COVID-19 virus twice so far - here and here. That is likely because we stay off the infotainment and pick and choose what to read. I am personally not worried. health-wise, though I do see the big slightly-panicky story being a factor in a possible major economic downturn.

Prepping for short-term economic trouble is a good idea, but one that people should have accomplished beforehand. I'll tell you that, just per the famous Instapundit (Glenn Reynolds) line, "I'll believe this new virus is a serious threat when the people who tell me it's a serious threat act like it's a serious threat." Is the US Feral Government taking serious steps to keep the virus from entering via the hundreds of entry points to our country? Or, is it still more important not to stigmatize! people due to their susceptibility to this virus?

When the PC stops, then I'll believe we have a serious problem. That's how it seems to work. I'll state it the other way too: when things get real, only then will the PC stop.

I'm no expert, and I'm not taking any precautions in particular, as of yet. (We do have a real advantage here in America still, in that lots of us still live in uncrowded conditions. That is a BIG PLUS.) I don't want to give out any advise, besides: If a friend offers you a case of Corona, especially an Oriental guy with the sniffles, make sure he means this case of Corona:

I've heard the lime slice will knock the germs out cold... along with a Tequila shot.

PS: The title comes from the song Me & Julio, paraphrased long ago in Last dig at Øb☭ma - to a great tune by Paul Simon.

Saturday - March 7th 2020 9:03AM MST
PS: Sorry for the late reply, Mr. Jones. Hey, what's a few billion among friends ... errr, people united in Diversity?
Bill Jones
Thursday - March 5th 2020 9:20AM MST
PS. Perhaps the question should be:
Have we reached the threshold where a panicked population can be convinced to spend a few Billion on a miracle new vaccine?
Sunday - March 1st 2020 8:58AM MST
PS: That sounds pretty good too. Even better - home brew, but it's been a while ...

I lived in Ireland for over a week on the 4 basic food groups of long baguettes of bread, cheddar cheese, Guinness beer, and Cadbury bars. Alas, I would not be able to do that today.
Saturday - February 29th 2020 9:26PM MST
PS If I’m ordering a draft in a restaurant or bar, it will be a local craft brew. But my regular at-home beer is Oranjeboom, a Dutch lager brewed under license in Germany. 15.9 oz cans for six or seven bucks at Trader Joe’s.
Saturday - February 29th 2020 6:29PM MST
PS: I'd read a headline with something to that affect, Mr. Blanc. Hey, they should buy American, anyway! Old Milwaukee, PBR, Miller High Life ... no virus at all.... drinking that Miller Genuine Draft crap, though, is likely worse than a quick bout of Corona Virus. You can't undrink that swill.
Saturday - February 29th 2020 6:03PM MST
PS Mme B read me an item from the internet averring that 38% of Americans are avoiding Corona due to the epidemic.
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