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Posted On: Wednesday - February 26th 2020 6:47PM MST
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I have a back-log of great VDare articles to mention, and this one is from early this month. A writer named Matthew Richer asks Immigration Patriots And Vaccine Skeptics—A Natural Alliance? It sounds like kind of an obscure wonky political point, but anti-vaccination parents are many and are ignored and ridiculed by the Lyin' Press just as anti-immigration-invasion people are.

VDare, and I believe the writer too, haven't picked a side in the vaccination argument and Peak Stupidity hasn't really either. I haven't gotten into any of the evidence one way or another, but I really doubt that these parents are all full of it. Even without picking a side, I still have, in a way, by being a Libertarian.

Libertarianism doesn't work very well in crowed places (another reason for the Reason-magazine idiots to back off their open-borders stupidity), as we can see with the vaccination business. What do you do with your kids, if the rest of the school doesn't want to be around them, as possible carriers of diseases, but then again, if their kids are all vaccinated, WTH are they worried about? No matter what, as we can see from this corona virus deal, the closer people live together, the worse everything gets.

In a free country there IS a simple solution - schools free of government control to begin with. Don't want to be part of the immunizations? Go off on your own and make your own school for these kids.

That all being totally off Matthew Richer's point, let me paste in some excerpts:
If GOP strategists really think the party is having trouble with suburban white women because they of what they wrongly believe to be a nasty anti-immigrant racial animus, here’s an idea: seek common cause with the very many suburban moms worried about mandatory vaccination—and make sure they know that Open Borders and mass immigration isn’t helping their cause or the health of their children. Unvaccinated “migrants” from the Third World bring Third World diseases, some of them fatal. You can’t fight the statist push for more and more childhood vaccinations if a disease-bearing horde is crossing the border every day.
This is something that Brenda Walker, in particular, over at VDare, has written much about. The quality of life degradation from the illegal immigrants as well as from massive numbers of legal ones* has been covered by her for many years. There are diseases that Americans as long ago as the 1970s were sure would never be seen again, that are reappearing due to massive immigration. There is an almost willful lack of control, maybe not by the rank-and-file immigration officers, but by the management in Washington, FS. The modern day screening ain't exactly like the Ellis Island scene seen in The Godfather.

Here's some more good stuff with a Libertarian emphasis (suggestion) from Mr. Richer:
Problem is, white people who work together to exercise their sovereign rights are, these days, guilty of a grievous Thought Crime. This explains the MSM’s frequent Two Minutes Hate against “anti-vaxxers.” The Washington Post’s Juliette Kayyem has argued that parents who decline to vaccinate their children should be arrested and prosecuted [Antivaxxers are dangerous. Make them face isolation, fines, arrests, April 30, 2019]. Scribes at the Boston Herald think parents who decline vaccinations should be hanged [Preying on Parents’ Fear, May 8, 2017]. That’s quite something given that Massachusetts doesn’t execute cop killers.

Yet beyond the obvious racial aspect of the Left’s campaign against white anti-vaxxers is the statist impulse behind it. The Left is pathologically devoted to socialized medicine and healthcare mandates for the obvious reason that if the government can control the public’s healthcare, they can control the public that depends on it.

Similarly, undermining the family unit removes an obstacle to the Left’s collectivist ambitions [The Left’s War on the Family, by Thomas S. Garlinghouse, American Thinker, February 24, 2004]. What better way to undermine the family than to seize control of medical decisions for children?

[There are loads of links in the original article, as is the way of VDare.]
As we've noted before, Conservatives have a lot to learn from the Libertarians, and vice versa.

* There are still safeguards in place,such as required TB testing, etc. for legal immigrants before a green card is issued. Who knows, though, how corrupt some of that has become? You've got recent immigrants as immigration lawyers - no reason it isn't the same for doctors doing this work.

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