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Posted On: Tuesday - February 25th 2020 9:58AM MST
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I am not turned on by Greta Thunburg, I swear to you. However, Greta has turned me on to Death Metal, a bit at least, with this one, thanks to youtuber FridaysForFuture. "All music written and performed by John Mollusk. Inspired by, and all lyrics by Greta Thunberg." Mr. Mollusk is also into "Thrash Metal", which I can well imagine but would figure is hard for a Mollusk, lacking the backbone and all...

If she would just smile a little more, let her hair out, nice and straight and silky with bangs, be 10 years older, dress in what I assume is the more traditional Swedish garb, spend more time in a greenhouse than in the UN for her mental health, and stop with the Global Climate DisruptionTM claptrap, Greta and I could be a lot closer. I like sailing, so there's that ...

Steve Sailer wonders what Greta Thunberg's childhood was like, as does Tom Petty:

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