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Posted On: Thursday - January 19th 2017 1:05PM MST
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Continuing from the "non-post" from yesterday (trying not to delete post right now until DBase is set up better),

Donald Trump must have some great guys advising him, though we don't discount his own smarts either. Here is the zerohedge article entitled Trump Team Responds: May Move White House Briefings To Accommodate More Than Just "Media Elite that we were to comment about yesterday.

I have read somewhere that Mr. Trump wrote or said that he had to tweet so much to get past the "lying press", as he calls them (we have other terms here at PeakStupidity.) It's possible that he wrote that in a tweet also - I have checked my mailbox at the house - NO TWEET. How about my phone - does it come in the form of a text message? - NO TWEET. I asked Sarah at the switchboard - NO TWEET!. OK, besides ragging on the tweeting crap what do I have to say here. After I heard about this from Trump, I have remarked to at least 2 people that what he needs to do is just bring a whole new press, or form of journalism, in for the press conferences. Tell CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NYT, WA Post, all of these people to GO POUND SAND!

Why is it that these groups spouting at their agenda day and night are always present to hear from our elected tax leaches politicians. Quit inviting these jacklegs. Now, that was a problem in the past, as how would one get his story out there. It's not a problem now - heck, invite Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit - he's been blogging since some of these NYT imbeciles were in diapers and straitjackets. Glenn is a pretty staid guy too. How about someone from each of the blogs considered expert on each issue the press conference is to be about. Get Peter Brimelow from VDare on immigration. Pat Buchanan for foreign relations, Ann Coulter for general fun and long legs.

Invite Breitbart people, Matt Drudge, etc. The old gov't-press will howl over Breitbart about "oh, he is connected to your administration - collusion, whatever!" Hey, you dipshits have been getting free rides and meals on Air Force One for years and years. The rotating door between press and gov't office has been wearing out it's bearings for the last half century for you people.

Anyway, that all being said by us, the zerohedge article let us know that Trump already has plans like this in mind. Great stuff! From ZeroHedge.com:

“This is about greater accessibility, more people in the process,” Trump's press secretary Sean Spicer added Sunday on Fox News Channel’s “Media Buzz.” Involving more people, including bloggers and others who aren’t from the mainstream media, “should be seen as a welcome change,” he said. Indeed, it will be... by the alternative press; the "media elite", however, will be quite disappointed that their exclusive access rights to the president will be stripped away if only for the next four years, commoditizing their "value added" to the level of your lowly. neighrborhood blogger.

The gov't-press lackeys sound a little butt-hurt with this reply:
Meanwhile, the White House Correspondents' Association objected in a statement to "any move that would shield the president and his advisers from the scrutiny of an on-site White House press corps," and said that it would fight to keep the briefing room and access to senior administration officials open. Jeff Mason, a Reuters White House correspondent, is president of the WHCA.

Where's the scrutiny been for the last 8 years, on-site White Hut Gov't-press lackeys? I never even knew the President-Eject's mother-in-law lived there for the whole time of Øb☭ma's 2 terms. Didn't they see her when she was screeching at Mr. Øb☭ma to quit putting on airs and acting like an Uncle Tom and "take us back to Sweet Home Chicago - these honkies don't know how to make no chittlens! Maybe my girl kin git layed too - she gitten ornery!"

You wanna see some scrutiny? Bring in some bloggers, prontomundo.

Scrutiny, bitchez!

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