Weedend at Bernie's - XX, "Got Milk?"

Posted On: Tuesday - February 18th 2020 7:31PM MST
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An act of udder stupidity at the Bernie Rally:

Leading Blue-squad candidate Sanders was heard to remark:

This whole Presidential election business is pretty unfair. I mean, I went to a Trump rally in '16. I didn't see any naked women. Yes, we had signs, one about the so-called Pope. There had to be some "show us your tits" signs somewhere, as you normally see at any big event, charter-bus road trip, and such ... Yet, here's 78-y/o Bernie Sanders, droning on about redistributing your milk money, and you get this action.

From what's written near some of their tits, apparently these women do not want cows to get milked (they eat their fruit loops dry). When I see them dressed in this manner, though, I have to wonder it is who they DO want to be milked. Got milk? Yes, we do. "Si, si, si pudendo!", or however that goes.

Uhh, huhhehuh ... it's not a burn, per se ...

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