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Posted On: Tuesday - February 18th 2020 6:59AM MST
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The video that I have below, with the 1 minute portion showing the utter stupidity of Michael Bloomberg is named "Mike Bloomberg’s 'Deplorables' Moment"*.

In a video taken at a Bloomberg "Conversation" lecture series at the business school of Oxford University back in Nov. '16, this guy shows that he's not one of us. My problem is not any kind of purposeful disparagement of his of farmers and factory workers, to rival the Hildabeast's "deplorables" comments. I also don't care that this shows Mr. Bloomberg is not very smart about taking care to not insult potential voters. I'd like a guy to speak some truth now and then, as Donald Trump does. Watch this 1 minute portion, and I'll write what I think below:

[I could teach farming to...] "... the people in this room. No offense intended."

[In "TECH" ...] "... the skill sets that you have to learn are how to think and analyze, and that is a whole degree level different."

This was from just 3 1/4 years back. Michael Bloomberg is just so wrong and out of touch that this really distinguishes him from billionaire Donald Trump, putting Trump in a good light. Is it the difference between being a 5-dozen-X-Billionair vs. a poor only 3-Billionaire? It is an order of magnitude and a half (take the log of 30 ...), but I don't think that's the difference. Both of these guys made their money in corrupt NY City, Trump in the city-government-infested RE business, and Bloomberg with his proprietary computer terminals that got stock information just a little ahead of those without 'em.

You might think that Bloomberg is the techie who ought to be at least a smarter guy than Trump, but I doubt he knows a bit from a byte. What Bloomberg did is a part of the non-productive F.I.R.E. economy just as Trump's business was, though Trump's work probably involved more creativity.

Does this man know anything about modern farming or factory work? Does he know anything about century-old farming either? I bring the latter question up, because even with no "TECH" involved, which simply means "computer technology" now, farmers of the past had to have plenty of technical skills. Only in the minds of the aloof elite (and some of the geeks) does "technical" only apply to computer programming.

Old "farm boys" of the past were the ones who were the most mechanically inclined, having to keep machinery running in a hand's-on manner, even when it was only an old Massey Ferguson or John Deere tractor. There's irrigation to consider, understanding of soils, and some decent amount of weather knowledge (does Michael Bloomberg know what "drying conditions" entail?**)

Nowadays there is plenty of "TECH" technology involved too, yes even back when Bloomberg ran his mouth as a Titan of Tech 3 years ago! What an ass!

That all said, just on this Blue-squad of The Party horse race infotainment, I gotta say that Michael Bloomberg is the candidate who worries me the most about his getting into the White House. This fucker is a Socialist like the rest of them, but he doesn't go for the really, really stupid stuff like the rest (OK, his Big-Gulp Coke ban was pretty stupid ...) Michael Bloomberg is a guy who will go FULL-OUT to disarm Americans. That has been his crusade for years., using just a teensy bit of his own money, meaning a huge amount. He is the nemesis of the NRA***, which is pretty much a single-issue organization.

The hot part of the civil war within America will be the most likely, or come the soonest, if Michael Bloomberg becomes President. I hope President Trump can get his shit together over the next year.

* This link simply goes to youtube for the whole 5-minute video with it's commentary by the guy who runs this "channel". However, you can watch a full video embedded here too with use of the replay button.

** Disclaimer: I'm not a farmer but have lived in fairly rural areas. You'll hear of drying conditions, which depend on sunshine, temperature, humidity and wind.

*** People have written about political trouble within the NRA, but that number 5,000,000, as in number of members, matters A LOT to the politicians. Please at least join the Gun Owners of America, if you don't join the NRA.

Wednesday - February 19th 2020 4:59AM MST
PS yes, I see that Roberts is allowing comments. Good move on his part.
Tuesday - February 18th 2020 7:37PM MST
PS: I had hopes for the guy too. Good comment. Did you read the last couple of Paul Craig Roberts posts on unz.com? He allows comments again. You don't usually read all that kind of truth from a Constitutionalist (and nothing at all against Consitutionalists, of course).
Tuesday - February 18th 2020 2:20PM MST
PS I don’t think it matters even this much, WHO gets to play the part of “president” in our little kabuki theatre called politics. There is only one issue that could actually save us (and by “us” yes, I mean White people and OUR country), but as anyone with any sense of self preservation knows (not to mention the highly pathological politicians that play their parts), you do not discuss race in reality terms. It is the (literal?) death penalty of our times. It is settled science that 1) Whites are evil, disgusting creatures that need to be terminated ASAP 2) non whites are the opposite. This is open to nothing but vigorous agreement, especially by White people. The only thing that saves us is demanding equal rights for us (my GOD how far we’ve fallen), and our own homeland. Everything else is bull shit. Everything flows from those, as everything the left and right does is in support of our genocide. I wanted to believe Trump so bad, but in the end, he’s not on our side. Absolutely none of them are.
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