17 Traitorous Red-Team Governors that need a talking to

Posted On: Monday - February 17th 2020 7:35PM MST
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You'd better believe Tucker would be all over this one.

This post is being written to catch up on some of the great VDare articles and blog-posts that I meant to write about weeks ago. This time, it is Californian Brenda Walker, who normal writes about human factors and effects on the environment (especially the former Golden State) from immigration stupidity, with a more political post. In the spirit of the great Ann Corcoran of Refugee Resettlement Watch, as Mrs. Walker delves into this traitorous scam, being perpetrated by churches for the money in it.

Republican Governors Request Additional Refugees! is about more refugee madness that President Trump admittedly HAS been doing something about. The blame for any further stupidity out of government on "refugee" immigration can be put directly on these Red-squad governors this time. Per Tucker Carlson's interviewee Ned Ryun*:
I mean again you pointed out that Trump gave them a strong backstop back in September and said you can opt out of this with his executive order and now you have these 18 Republican governors saying no, we want more, and they’re saying well we’re following our hearts, this is Christian charity in action.

I got to say this, Tucker, as a active devout evangelical Christian, refugee resettlement has nothing to do with Christianity and has everything to do with the immoral behavior of these governors and quite frankly a perverse incentive for these government funded charities that are acting as refugee contractors, grifting off the American taxpayer.
The transcript of Tucker Carlson's interview** has this also from Mr. Ryun:
Michelle Malkin’s written about some of this, but the US State Department is paying these refugee contractors over $2100 per refugee of which they get to keep 45 percent, and then they’re doing this this campaign on these governors saying you have to put your Christian charity into action, and in an act of cowardice, most of these governors from red states are giving in to this.
There's the scam. These churches can act all high and mighty and quote some verses about the lack of room at the Inn (though Mary and Jesus were NOT immigrants, but only in Bethlehem for the census***). Then they collect their nominal fee and fill the pews with these people before they revert back native. They will provide lots of support to the Governor in his election, he being a man of charity and constant sorrow and all that. The regular American people in town, with their middle-class lifestyle already in decline, will have to deal with the unwanted newcomers, paying extra tax money for translators, social workers, extra teachers, lunch money, breakfast money, dinner money, the whole shebang. Is that what they call charity? Seems like charity ought to be voluntary, but what do I know ... I may not have read that exact verse in Romans...

Here are the 17 governors (so far) who've gone specifically out on their own, with Trump already having their backs with an E.O. excusing them from it, to invite in more refugees!

You know where you live. I don't. If you live in one of these States, it's probably time to go see one of these charitable fuckers in person:
Mike DeWine of Ohio
Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas
Kim Reynolds of Iowa
Charlie Baker of Massachusetts
Gary Herbert of Utah
Doug Burgum of North Dakota
Chris Sununu of New Hampshire
Doug Ducey of Arizona
Eric Holcomb of Indiana
Bill Lee of Tennessee
Kevin Stitt of Oklahoma
Pete Ricketts of Nebraska
Kristi Noem of South Dakota
Jim Justice of West Virginia
Mike Parson of Missouri
Brad Little of Idaho
Larry Hogan of Maryland
These are leaders in the Republican Party, mind you. Do you see why I wonder whether they are all part of the same "The Party"?

* Founder of American Majority and author of Restoring our Republic, per the interview.

** I find it takes 1/4 the time to read than to listen, though I do enjoy some Tucker Carlson in the morning...

*** I know the feeling - Don't ask me no questions, and I won't tell you no lies".

Wednesday - February 19th 2020 11:11AM MST
PS: Hmmm, I may write a post on this (but my brain's racked with posts wanting to come out right now): I met some CIS (I believe that MAY have still been the name then) men and women on the way back from raiding the Postville, Iowa meat plant 6-7 years back or so.

The really interesting thing is that on the same day, I met some Jewish (hard-core, with the get-up) guy that was heading to Postville. I just happened to get in a conversation, and he mentioned the whole weird-ass deal his crowd had in running that place.

I said a hearty thanks to the folks from the immigration enforcement department.
Wednesday - February 19th 2020 11:04AM MST
PS: Yep, Ganderson, and maybe you've read my posts (with the "Immigration Stupidity" Topic Key) on the stupidity of the Foodies. Even with all the crime, higher educational budget, overwhelmed emergency rooms, terrible schools for our kids, extra translators and Tower of Babel anywhere in the "public square", it's all worth it for those goat burgers.

It used to be you had to go all the way to NY City to find a good Somalian restaurant. Who needs that, I mean the place is a shithole, full of ... wait ...
Wednesday - February 19th 2020 6:40AM MST
PS. Another great villain is? are? the meat packing industry. Many small towns across, particularly the upper midwest have been turned upside down by the importation of cheap labor.

But again, you can now get a damn good goat-burger in Worthington, MN, so all is well.
Wednesday - February 19th 2020 6:33AM MST
PS. Charlie Baker, or, as the great Howie Carr calls him, “Tall Deval” is the platonic ideal of a RHINO- a RHINO’s RHINO, a hack’s hack... etc.

More delicious Somali restaurants for us, though! Yum!
Tuesday - February 18th 2020 9:54AM MST
PS: Agreed, Mr. Blanc. Ross Perot's candidacies in '92 and '96 were the last decent efforts at challenging the Globalist Off-shoring Party.
Tuesday - February 18th 2020 9:32AM MST
PS Many times I have said this: The Repubs are not our friends. They are full-bore globalists, off-shorers and mass immigrationists. If we have any chance of winning, it will be despite the Repubs, not because of them.
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