Dot-Indian Castes and Wrestling Classes

Posted On: Monday - February 17th 2020 4:08PM MST
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Bantam or Brahman?

America's immigration stupidity has brought a number of different castes of .Indians to slide into the melting pot of curry that is still the meme here, 50 years after the burner has been turned off. There are millions now in the country, and before I get shit from any SJW readers (haha!), well, just get lost, no wait ... I've known quite a few and mostly got along quite well with them. The thing is, I believe the science/engineering types I've met the most were of the higher castes - are Brahmans the ones that do Finite Element Analysis on structures, or is that a different bunch? Maybe Brahmans do only non-embedded software, I dunno... I had some nearby neighbors, caste unknown, from the subcontinent of India, and they were very good people, dot or no dot. (I didn't see any dot, but I try not to stare - causes cross-eyedness...)

Before I get any further than that, I want to put the kibosh on any use of the term "subcontinental" as an adjective for a race/ethnicity. As detailed in the Handy pocket-sized PC from PS Legal Eagle, these new purely geographic terms (EXCEPTING, unfortunately, "Oriental"!) are very annoying, cold, and Orwellian. From the guide, written in all appropriate facetiousness:
“Indian” is out – “Subcontinental” is in (like there aren’t lots of pieces of continents around, say the Yucatan and Iberian peninsulas).
".Indian" will suffice for this discussion.

The comely lady at the top here notwithstanding (hoping the Google-search-bot has a hard-on for the subcontintentals ), I am of the opinion as a man that the there just aren't a whole lot of beautiful .Indians of any of the castes that have come here. They CAN be very pretty, don't get me wrong, but just in relative numbers, I'd put Oriental and White woman way higher up. They keep themselves slim, I'll grant you, but often except for the bellies. Is there a caste back in the old subcontinent that translates to "Hotties"? Maybe they can be interviewed by our immigration authorities on some kind of casteing couch.

From back in my high-school times during a mandatory reading of Siddhartha, I remember learning about only a few castes in Indian society - I had 4 in my head, the "Untouchables" being the lowest, lower even than the revenue agents of the old FBI. Apparently, there are many castes.

Just as with Boxing, it's hard to keep up with the terminology, Bantam, Welterweight, Heavyweight (I got that one), Alto, Tenor, Tony Soprano-sized, I dunno... to me it's more of the Bread & Circuses, so I don't keep up. I don't begrudge those who participate, which brings up the sport of wrestling. No, I don't mean the silliness on TV called wrastling, which, even at 12 years old, I knew was fake*. The real sport wresting, with an "e" has 14 weight classes, some that only encompass a weight range of 8 lb. Are there that many castes within the .Indian people? Is that a good thing, as in wrestling, where you compete against people of your own size?

I don't really think it is a good thing. America used to have a fairly low number of classes, with your uppers, your middles, your working (never got that one, don't middle-class people work?) and your lower. Nowadays it has become a classless society - nobody has any class! Seriously, though, we used to be at least a unified people. Richie Rich or Joe Sixpack, there was enough in common to talk to each other in a common language. More importantly, there was no legal or religious dividing line between any classes that there were.

Another caste entirely, per website Kracktivist - heh!:

Now, what's the deal? We are importing .Indians of these different castes, different from classes with their Indian-culture-determined dividing lines that Americans don't even know about... such as myself. What about the guys that run all the 7-Elevens, Circle-K's, liquor stores, and vaping shops? What the hell caste is that? They all seem decent at first purchase, though not always good with directions. I'm pretty sure the motel moguls are the Patels, but is that just a last name like Smith used to be here (it's a first name now), or is it a whole class or caste of American motor-hotel owners? The name works, I'll give 'em that - it's the Patel No-Tell Motel, by the night or by the half hour, tank you veddy much.

If these castes are all just gradations on a scale of rich classy people to broke-ass peons, at fairly even intervals like wrestling weight classes that's one thing. I don't know how well they get along with each other as wrestlers of different weight classes do though. Should we be doing this importing of such people. Did everyone in charge think it over? I hope we're not importing another Cassius Bell-eye (the Wrastler) for a civil war of some sort later on.

The Office staff demonstrate classy and declasse here.

The Office re-enactors demonstrate classy and declasse here. Yeah, I've been trying to find this Office scene on youtube for years. It's pretty declasse of them to hide this hilarity from us, but if these 3 young guys are going to spend the effort to be Office-reenactors, they deserve their big break here on Peak Stupidity:

* I wondered right away how the guy would get that much spring from the loose ropes to bounce back into the center of the ring and why more ambulance drivers (that's what we called them back then) didn't come to pick up guys who have just been elbowed in the neck by a 300 lb guy from 3 ft. up!

[UPDATED 12/29/23:]
Ha, upon checking this post out 4 years later, I got to wondering about that The Office clip. Found it. Still leaving the re-enactors up, because that looks like fun. They couldn't find a Pam though.

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