The extreme immigration stupidity of the Blue squad

Posted On: Saturday - February 15th 2020 7:53PM MST
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Peak Stupidity has been referring to the Blue and Red Squad of "The Party" occasionally for quite some time. First of all, the "squad" term was something I'd written well before I heard this recent meme about "the squad", it being what I believe is the "Young Turds" or what's left of them in the Democrat primary campaign (actually just the women, apparently).

I want to make clear in this post that my classification of the Republicans and Democrats as being part of the same party is not about specific people running for office. It's more about what seems to go on behind the scenes and the results we keep getting no matter which wing ostensibly is in power. Thinking back 40 years, whether it was a strong Republican President like Reagan with the Senate in his favor (most of the time), and a majorly-D-led Congress, George H.W. Bush with the same, the Gingrich/Clinton years with R's having a decent lead in the House, but behind in the Senate, the middle George W. Bush years, with a big majority in the House and a slight lead in the Senate, the later Øb☭ma years with a big House lead again, and then the first couple of years of Donald Trump with that big House lead and slight edge in the Senate, it didn't matter ever. America's slide toward Socialism, Political Correctness, Multiculturalism, Feminism, and any other form of stupidity still inexorably rose to new heights year by year.

Maybe it's not really under the control of the people we think of as our Constitutionally elected "leaders". We've tried to explain many possible reasons that individuals in the Washington shithole can't or won't get things done (see, for example, The Cocktail Party Theory of Political Stupidity). Nothing much changes for the better, so Peak Stupidity sees the Democrat establishment and the Republican establishment as being the apparatchiks of The Party.

That doesn't mean we believe that the individuals of the two squads are all the same though. As much as Peak Stupidity has given President Trump a rash of shit over the last 3 years regarding his incompetency at times and his tendency to talk the talk but not often walk the walk, we are still EXTREMELY HAPPY that this man is in the White House vs. the Hildabeast. The issue of immigration being the existential one for this country and the main (at least initial) theme of Donald Trump's campaign, his action on this has been disappointing but still not nil.

VDare is THE go-to site on the "national question" of immigration. In keeping up with their writing, I've noticed the political insiders that write in, such as "Washington Watcher II" (praised here), "Federale" (praised here), an "Anonymous Attorney", and a few others, bring up details here and there of how the Trump Administration is actually Administering immigration law to some degree here and there. This is often small potatoes, but the culture of the bureaucracy will have to change slowly barring any really cool blatant moves (high profile ICE raids of workplaces, arresting of illegal aliens of a political bent - think La Raza, and such) that the President absolutely COULD do. Even these small things, though, are ones that would never happen with any D-President nowadays. They are small victories that make one smile, at least.

I brought up the Hildabeast earlier, someone that I would normally say hopefully won't be heard from again in many lifetimes. However, I will note that as destructive as she is politically, I think even she is too conservative or just not imaginative enough to have the immigration stance that we now hear about from the current Blue-squad members. From VDare again, this time writer Washington Watcher II, we hear about the hard-core pro-Amnesty open-borders stance of the major contenders for that D-nomination, in Sanders Is Crazy, But None Of These Democratic “Moderates” Are Moderate On Immigration Either. The reading of this article should be part of any get-out-the-vote drive for Donald Trump.

Yeah, there is a big difference on this issue, but it may come down to just being glad to have the result that gives a 10-year delay of the demographic shift that will not be overturned by any more voting. Should we hope for a Mandibles* situation in which the country is in such bad shape that everyone wants to leave, but Americans are sent back north from the Mexican border? It's going to be that, unless much more serious policies are enacted and in a big hurry. That was supposed to be the plan for 2017.

If nothing else it's nice to have someone in the White House who is not simply a sick destructive fuck like apparently every one of the members of the Blue squad.

*See 6 part book review - Introduction, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Conclusion. The book otherwise doesn't do justice to the effects of immigration.

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