Coronavirus vs. Communism

Posted On: Tuesday - February 11th 2020 10:00AM MST
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It's been a couple of week since Peak Stupidity chimed in on this coronavirus scare. There's a number of things that I've learned about it via personal sources, non-contagious-carriers, of course, along with a few interesting things I've read about it.

It's the Chinese Central Government's handling of the information flow regarding this serious disease that I do have some inside knowledge about. Much of that knowledge matches very closely with writer John Derbyshire's information from his Chinese wife, as he related in "Still 90% Chance Coronavirus Not Catastrophic—But Chinese (And Western) Censors Aren’t Helping" on VDare and (with lots of comments under the unz version).

I had already figured that the ubiquitous "we-chat" program (OK, "app"!) that the Chinese people both in China an abroad use as a combination Facebook, Twitter, and all else, is no doubt controlled in some way by the government of China. What I have learned is that the information coming out about the coronavirus is being censored and controlled to a state of complete confusion for info-hungry and often very worried Chinese people. An we-chat article about the problems in counting the numbers of ill and dead from this disease was readable for my source, but not transferable* to someone else. The government of China has been trying to control the information perhaps to avoid unnecessary panic, but possibly to avoid necessary panic or put a positive spin on every single thing that goes on in the country.

The anti-Americans on websites such as itself will try to pin the whole deal on the Americans, but they may want to look a lot closer to home, right to the source - the city of Wuhan in Hubei province. It does, after all, have one of the handful of "Bio-safety" Level-4 labs, just opened 2 years back. Peak Stupidity has commented quite often to the effect of Quality not being exactly "Job One" over there in China. Go ponder what happened in that lab in the middle of the dozen-million-populated city of Wuhan.

Mr. Lance Welton, a writer for VDare, has been mentioned a few times here on Peak Stupidity, initially in the post Affirmative Action for the marble-supply-challenged. We've had a few gripes with the guy, as his writing, unlike all other VDare writing I've read (almost all of the site) is not often as factual, and often speculative, using pop-psychology to try to explain the behavior of people that he, VDare, and I don't like. However, in his latest column, "STILL No Non-Chinese Deaths from Coronavirus, But the WASHINGTON POST Wants You to Rat Out Your Neighbors Anyway", again on both VDare and unz, he brings up an interesting point, though still pretty speculative**: Is this disease far deadly to Chinese, or at least Oriental, people than to others, say, Westerners?

That genetics are very obviously involved in the carrying and effects on different races of diseases is something that doctors have to deal with regularly. Not knowing these things is akin to malpractice. For this particular virus, Mr. Welton may be right that the foreigners (to China) may not have near the death rate, but I don't think all the evidence is in this early. (There's a humorous story about that young Englishman in China who beat the virus back with a steady dose of hot whiskey. Is that what a "hot toddy" is? If so, they ought to be covered under Øb☭macare.)

This could be a reason for people in the West to relax more about this disease. We'll get the usual grips about "you hate the Chinese people!" or the old BS narrative to hide the differences on effects on different races in the same way the AIDS virus was pushed as a disease we all should be afraid of ... rather than just homosexuals and needle-using drug dealers.

Before it's known what the whole deal is with this virus though, let's be thankful for the US Feral Government under President Trump doing one simple thing for once that IS a function of government. That function is controlling who and what come into the country. The American airline company's flights (Delta, American, and United) to China have been curtailed greatly, and the US Gov't does have a job in seeing that the disease doesn't have a chance to keep coming in (not that easy when all you do is screen for fever at Customs & Immigration, if even that).

Whatever and whoever come from everywhere else via the airlines is still a problem. Flights come daily into Atlanta and Miami from Guatemala City, San Salvador, Managua, Belize City, Panama City (Panama), Tegucigalpa, San Jose (Costa Rica) and other place you had to learn were capitals of banana republics in geography, along with points further south. There is an exception though. You won't find flights to and from Caracas, Venezuala anymore on the 3 major US Airlines. That stopped a year or more back when it got too damned dangerous.

Caracas has been cancelled for the foreseeable future. Communism is even more contagious than Coronavirus …. spreads through the feces… orally …

* Yes, of course a computer-savyy individual could easily get around this matter in some way, but most people who use any of these apps are not computer-savvy. That's kinda why they use them.

** Lance Welton is no medical scientist or doctor, and neither is is your blogger here.

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