Washington Watcher II on a sick case of Anarcho-Tyranny

Posted On: Saturday - February 1st 2020 4:19PM MST
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VDare has a whole bunch of good writers, and there are at least 3 other posts/articles from that site recently that I want to post about. Though the site is specifically about immigration, and the articles relate to that existential issue, they can cover a lot of interesting subjects that go along with it.

The writer "Washington Watcher II" writes quite often on the site. Yes, there is a "Washington Watcher" there too, which is, IMO, not the best way to pick a handle, for # II, if he wants to get credit in some way in the minds of the readers. I'd thought that maybe he was the same guy with just a different "account" of some sort, but it looks like there's overlap. Likely this guy, after a hand-off period, took over watching the immigration stupidity from the vantage point of Washington, FS. Anyway, they both have/had good factual articles like almost all the rest of the VDare writers.

4 days ago, Washington Watcher II wrote a general article about the madness with the Sanctuary City policies, in particular, this time regarding New York City. The article is ICE Fights Back Against New York’s Anarcho-Tyranny—Trump MUST Make Sanctuary Cities Key 2020 Issue. Although the article, (please read it) is a general description of the anarcho-tyranny and madness of NY City's policy and advice for President Trump to please talk about it, it describes a specific sick case of how thing have been going.

Sometimes, a very specific especially egregious case may wake up people, like the same women who helicopter-parent due to that 1:1,000,000 chance of their kids getting "trafficked". Getting the human and inhuman side of the immigration stupidity out in front of the public can compete with the usual sob stories that fill up the Lyin' Press. In this article, Washington Watcher II highlights a rape in NY City by a guy who should have been deported or at least in custody, but wasn't due to NY City's anarcho-tyrannical Sanctuary policy. He got the story off of this NY Post article, if you want the source.

Note, we have no "Humor" tag up top. It SOUNDS humorous, but the whole thing is sick. I will say that this guy, one of our potential immigrant valedictorians, has a lot to learn about lying. It's too bad the President broke another promise early on, that is, the one to put the Hildabeast away - perhaps she could have taught this Guyanan a thing or two about it during prison coed day or something. Yeah, maybe I don't read enough, but NOTHING GOOD seems to come from Guyana*, at least since the British left (hmmmm, wonder why?).

Mr. Watcher the 2nd starts off with the anarcho-tyranny aspect of NY City policy (this is why VDare is #2 on the blogroll):
The murder of a 92-year-old woman in New York City early this month shows again the mortal danger of Sanctuary City policies, and just what law-abiding Americans face in what Sam Francis rightly called anarcho-tyranny. Aside from loosing murderous illegal aliens upon the public, New York state hands out driver licenses to illegals, and New York City might soon allow non-citizens to vote. Immigration aside, the state has adopted dangerous criminal justice “reforms” that also jeopardize the public. That’s the anarchy. The tyranny? New Yorkers can’t even say “illegal alien,” for instance, without inviting a severe penalty. (See below.) But perhaps there’s hope: The Trump Administration has declared legal war against the Empire State over its brazen defiance of federal immigration law.
As usual there are LOTS of links in the original if you want more info. VDare is link-crazy, but is that not the original purpose of the html? ("hyper text markup language - by George, I think she's got it!") More from the article:
Fuentes [the old lady raped and killed by Sanctuary Man] would be alive had the city honored a detainer from Immigration and Customs Enforcement instead of releasing Khan from custody in November. Khan was previously convicted of assault and weapons violations. ICE rightly pinned Fuentes’ death on the city. “Make no mistake, it is this city’s sanctuary policies that are the sole reason that this criminal was allowed to roam the streets freely and end an innocent woman’s life,” acting ICE Director Matthew Albence said last week [ICE issues subpoenas, saying New York prison officials won't cooperate with immigration enforcement, by Kristina Sgueglia, CNN, January 19, 2020].
Next, hear Mayor De Blasio's press secretary Freddi Goldstein lay down the law in defiance of ICE:
Recently, ICE served the New York Department of Corrections with four subpoenas to get information not only about Khan but also three other dangerous illegal aliens, including a Mexican accused of attempted rape and a Salvadoran wanted for homicide in El Salvador [ICE issues subpoenas to obtain information refused under NY sanctuary policies, ICE.gov, January 18, 2020].

It’s been met with defiance. “New York City will not change the policies that have made us the safest big city in America, and [the Trump] administration’s attempts to exploit this tragedy are absolutely shameful. We will review the subpoena once we receive it,” Freddi Goldstein [Tweet her], New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s press secretary, told CNN, above.
Per the article, the Mayor himself "was more conciliatory", but then isn't the press secretary supposed to take orders from him?

That's the mindset with these people. Old lady New Yorkers be damned, the immigration invasion must continue. The 2 million a year rate must not be lowered by those 4 criminals. Plus, deportations discourage the others.

If you're like this blogger and like to see the numbers rather than just the one sick story, well, the numbers will sicken you too [my bolding here and note the "more than"'s]:
And Khan is just one of thousands of criminal aliens protected by the city, which honored only about 10 of 7,526 detainers against illegals in the city’s custody last year. Those illegals, ICE’s Albence said, committed 17,873 crimes, including more than 200 homicides, more than 500 robberies, more than 1,000 sexual offenses and 1,000 weapons violations, and more than 3,500 assaults [ICE issues list of ‘fugitive’ illegal immigrants freed by New York City’s sanctuary city policies, by Adam Shaw, Fox News, January 18, 2020].
There's a whole bunch more to this article though. If VDare isn't responsible for being one of the keys to an eventual stop to this madness, at least the great writers will have done yeoman's work documenting it for patriotic Americans to study with amazement in the future as they pass the time in their underground bunkers waiting for this shit-storm to dissipate. One of them could be the next Solzhenitsyn , writing about exactly what good Americans could have done to avoid most of them being sent to the "re-education" camps by Bernie Sanders' Cadres staffers. "How we burned in the camps later, thinking about how arguing logic with those guys hadn't ever gotten us anywhere. If I had followed my feelings and just hit the one guy with a 2 x 4 ..."

* See also, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4 of this fascination story from the late 1970s.

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