Who will win?

Posted On: Friday - January 31st 2020 6:55PM MST
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Who will win?! That was the question that flashed on and off up on the TV screen I glanced at as I waited in the lobby of a hotel. I am always thankful when the sound is off so I don't need to pay attention, which was the case. Then, after some shots of some women, the flashing words changed to tell me what the deal was:

I could not for the life of me dig up this commercial on youtube just now, which is surprising. This part of our Bread & Circuses, the worship of these movie stars, is pretty big. It helps when they are hot women, albeit a bit over their prime. [10 years is a bit?! Where you been? - Ed] [Not at the freakin' movies! - blogger]

OK, Charlize Theron, Scarlett Johannsson, some other white actress I'd heard of but can't recall now, and a black actress were shown, along with the movies that they've been starring in, with their names up. I haven't seen a one of the movies. I'm not planning on seeing them. A minute later I could leave that TV behind, but I had a thought about this:

Who will win? The Oscars? I don't care, have never watched the damn show but twice in the 1980s, but am a little sorry I missed one part of the Golden Globe awards this year I gotta admit, which is apparently not the same as the Oscars. No, I don't care who wins, mainly because I am not a betting man. Were I, I still wouldn't have to watch the movies or care about Hollywood, but gambling types just will bet on anything. Let's see, there are 3 white women and one black woman. Now, I'm not saying it's all racist and shit every time, but when you bet you go with the odds. "Who will win?" you ask me up on the small screen? I'm gonna go with the black lady. It's a lock, Jerry!

That was what I remember Kramer saying, but this next one is a lot better:

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