Still think Communism is dead and buried, do ya?

Posted On: Tuesday - January 28th 2020 7:47PM MST
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James O'Keefe is one bad-ass yeoman. I've never really bothered to find out the etymology, or even actual meaning, for that matter of that word "yeoman", but, by God, this guy is doing yeoman's work:

Actual Gonzo kick-ass investigative journalist James O'Keefe:

Mr. O'Keefe been doing this undercover videoing of the kind ctrl-left radicals as they tell all behind the scenes for 5 years or so now. He's gotten better at it too, as cameras have gotten even smaller more concealable, he's learned to not film the scenes at a 60-degree angles, and he's been picking the cream de la scum.

James Kirkpatrick of VDare, who's been on a real tear lately. warns us "Sanders Hard Left Creeps Up On Complacent Trump GOP". I'm not really here to discuss the main point of his article, but to show one video from it, along with a 2nd one I found that really drive home how hard-core the left is now, right out in the open.

It's been 2 1/2 years over a century since the successful all-out push by the Commies in Russia, just over 7 decades since they won out in China, but also over 3 decades since the defeat of a large mass of that shit as the Cold War was won. As Peak Stupidity has written "People Forget" ... and pretty damn quickly too. The modern Commmies are coming out of the woodwork as predicted. Unlike the more benign 2" roaches affectionately called Palmetto Bugs, these pests are no longer afraid of the light.

This first clip features one Kyle Jurek, staff worker for Old Phart Bernie Sanders, whose flat-out threat is that "Fucking cities will burn" if Donald Trump gets re-elected. Sure, it's a bunch of bluster from a guy whose probably trying to impress a tatooed, nose-ringed, 250 lb fatty at the bar, but still ... Listen to this stuff:

Then, this next rising star of the Democrat strong-horse Bernie Sanders' organizational network is a real piece of work. Mr. Martin Weissgerber has apparently studied a little of the history of the Commies of old, at least of the European Theater*. Yes, this guy actually talks about the Soviet gulags as being small time compared to what he's got planned. I'll give him a teensy bit of credit for the idea of sending Miss Lindsey Graham - he even does the gay hand-gesture - out to the 'lag (see 0:45 seconds in). No, but that's not enough to make up for his evil Communist mindset.

Yes, the two guys were both probably drunk and tired, but drunk, tired, and stupid is no way to go through life, young people. Whatever they said on James O'Keefe's videos comes from somewhere inside anyway.

Well, I guess it's off to the Home Depot parking lot for these guys to pick up some drywall work, or something. They did get fired, right? No, see, this is the left, not the right. The establishment takes care of its own, as Mr. Kirkpatrick explains:
One would think this would be the perfect opportunity for the campaign to jettison a political liability–the Sanders campaign could simply cite Jurek’s alleged offenses to dismiss him. But instead, it’s Project Veritas that has been contemptuously brushed aside: the campaign refuses to say whether Jurek is still employed. The MSM has put no pressure on the campaign and the news cycle has already moved on.
Now, out of the AOC campaign or the Hildabeast's of '16, well I could see that they are hard-core, so one would expect this. I'd thought Bernie and his bros were the good guys of the other side, maybe a tad Socialist, but just out for the workingman. Hahaaa, no, it's way past time for someone like that ... whaddya' think it's 1968 or something?

I'll go back to Kirkpatrick's VDare article one more time for an illustration of just how lopsided the political playing field is today. (This is not the main point of the article, again. He's telling Conservatives that they are being complacent.)
One almost admires the Sanders team. They certainly have more spine than the Conservatism Inc. hacks who invariably grovel before hostile journalists. While nationalists have been deplatformed by Corporate America and persecuted by the government, even the most radical Leftists can comfortably operate on every major platform and never worry about deplatforming, definancing, or getting legal representation. They can also assume favorable coverage from the corporate media.

In contrast, as Editor Peter Brimelow has reported, it is currently impossible for a group that supports the immigration platform that elected the current President of the United States to book a private conference venue anywhere in the country.

This isn’t even just an American phenomenon. Recently, Austrian Identitarian leader Martin Sellner had his personal bank account forcibly closed for the fourth time—in addition to being banned by both the American and British “conservative” governments [The Mark of the Beast, by Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, January 18, 2020]. Do Leftists have to deal with such problems?

[Go to the article for links. VDare loves links and there are 10 of them just in what's excerpted here.]
You saw it here first ... possibly - two Sanders-D-for President staff members are flat-out would-be mass-grave-digging, gulag-supporting, Communists. They are the type that even Vladimir Lenin or Leon Trotsky might well have told to "chill out a little".

Communism, it's the evil that just keeps on giving. One of its adherents, a man named Nikita Khrushchev, told the West in 1956 "we will bury you". 33 years later, his political system was Kaput. Let's see who will bury whom this time.

Tomorrow, I will present advice from a guy who knows a whole lot about what gulags are about too.

* I heard nothing about having kids rat out their parents and sending them to have pig's blood poured on them, Carrie White-style, on a stage with large-character posters hung around their necks. Pshaaw! You think you know how to do Communism, Martin - you don't know the half of it!

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