Babylon Bee at the Border

Posted On: Saturday - January 25th 2020 10:49PM MST
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Thanks go to commenter Dtbb for pointing out this funny Bablyon Bee article.

Disaster At Seesaw Art Installation As Obese American Children Catapult Mexicans Over The Border

Here's about 1/2 of it:
SUNLAND PARK, NM—Disaster occurred at the US-Mexico border earlier this week after the installation of seesaws on the border wall. Part of an art project by UC Berkeley faculty, the seesaws were intended to let kids on both sides of the border play with each other as a powerful statement about unity and love across borders.

Unfortunately, as obese American kids rushed to the seesaws to enjoy playing with their fellow humans on the Mexican side of the border, they accidentally launched hundreds of Mexican children over the wall.
Haha. Read the whole (short) thing, as they say. It probably be good for me to read the Babylon Bee site daily.

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