Richmond gun rally - a lesson about ignoring the narrative

Posted On: Friday - January 24th 2020 2:30PM MST
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(Yeah, there could have been some antifa freaks scattered about the crowd. What good would that do them, though? They wouldn't have had a fighting chance.

This post could have been written before the gun-rights rally in Richmond, VA on Monday, but I'm trying to catch up with the mound of material in the "urgent stupidity" file that sits on top of the desk in Mama's basement the corner office labeled PSCEO. I suppose it's much easier to write this post accurately in hindsight, but I'd commented elsewhere on Sunday that the crowd that I expected would prevent this deal from being any kind of Charlottesville, '17. As I wrote in the report on Tuesday, It's not just the guns, but the numbers.

There was discouragement from both sides of the Cold Civil War aisle about this rally. Those on the right were being understandably cautious and worried. Things like the anarcho-tyranny (both during the happening and in the aftermath), embolden the ctrl-left and would cause even more discouragement of further attempts by the alt-right/right to stand up for themselves and their rights.

Others on the alt-right were worried that the Lyin' Press would pick certain very specific things that might happen at the rally - some looneys spouting off this or that, or some actual violence. That could discredit those on the right. Well, you can't go sittin' home because of that, or you've already let them win. It's very much the case that the Lyin' Press will pick and choose what to show. In answer to that I say: First, there wasn't too much they had on this one. From a comparison to my view, pictures on the Lyin' Press sites did minimize the apparent crowd size. Secondly, that's why you should get off the Lyin' Press Infotainment, and find your own sources of information. Just as was described here about my obtaining information beforehand from a decent site, one can do that after the fact too. Try Peak Stupidity! We were there. True, lots of people are still paying attention to the Lyin' Press. Set some of them straight.

It was the ctrl-left, however, in government and in their Lyin' Press branch of the Establishment, that made a, if not concerted, widespread effort to discourage turn-out in Richmond. I don't follow the Lyin' Press directly, but even on Steve Sailer's blog, there was both writing about worries for those attending and writing on the one particular incident of the 3 "White Nationalists" (I put the quotes cause I don't know, and I don't care) arrested and made into a big story.

As the long-term reader will know, Peak Stupidity believes in very few long-term conspiracy theories. It's just that there are lots of people that think the same way and want the same thing, even if it's subconsciously. Support of the narrative that the armed Virginians and others were coming to start a shoot-out was widespread. It would have really helped the narrative, if the Lyin' Press had at least mentioned something about attendance by antifa, but I didn't read much about that. Why would there then be shooting battle, then, without them? All who have read some details of Charlottesville know that there'd have been no violence had the antifa froons (freakish goons?) left the Unite the Right statue defenders along. Was the worry that these armed citizens were just going to up and pick a fight with the Virginia law present in Richmond? Everyone knows that's not the case, but that was part of the lying to support the narrative.

Back to the story of the 3-man "The base" organization, well that was just a hoot! I really think there is too much Affirmative Action in the FBI, if their organizers can't think of something more original that a name that's the translation of "Al Qaeda". Then, OMG, they were harboring an illegal alien! Nobody does that, right? (No, not really - you don't have to, as the other 30,000,000 illegal aliens live perfectly safe out of the shadows under that warm California sun.) If that story just wasn't so gosh-darned stupid, maybe it'd helped a little bit. Nobody wants to go to a rally and be associated with people who harbor illegal aliens, right, La Raza?

BTW, what was hilarious that in my search for pictures of those "The Base" group ("Richmond" "the base" "arrests" "images") came up with the collage of images below:

How many "The Base" types get arrested weekly compared to the others shown here?:

From the government side of the Establishment, we had the Virginia Governor (seen in quite a few signs at the rally sporting a Hitler mustache - photoshop... or, more like MS-Paint?) Northam. His office had gone as far as declaring a State of Emergency due to this rally. There's some hype to fit the narrative. Would he do the same thing for a La Raza rally? If it's an emergency every time free speech is being exercised, then I wish he'd been at the airport with me a few times as I was bombarded by a loud-ass TV spewing out CNN nonstop. It's an emergency to me when the A/C socket is up too high to unplug the thing.

Governor Northam - narrative FAIL:

Very near the time of the rally, I'd heard the news that people would be screened if going near the State House, inside a fence that was set up. This act discouraged a lot of armed people who planned on rallying close-in, as there was likely no safe place to store one's weapon (after all, the reports said there'd be opposition, meaning your car may not be safe).

Haha, yeah, my tight schedule had me way more stressed out than any worries about violence at the rally. You know what helped, though? As I searched for information on the rally, I had to go to the 2nd page of the search results in order to find a non-Lyin' Press blurb. The first page had results, coincidentally, that all spouted the narrative, while the 2nd had the page of the Virginia Civil Defense League, that organizes the damn thing each year. I went to that site and read nothing but a short description and lots of logistics info. It's funny how the search engine (Duckduckgo, no less) didn't give me a site with straight information about the rally on the 1st page. Yes, the Big-Biz F.A.G.S. were down with this supporting the narrative too.

We must all make an effort to get away from these narratives in our daily lives, or we will get pushed around by the ctrl-left, even if that is by convincing us to not show up.

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