NPR concurs with Peak Stupidity... we are officially worried now.

Posted On: Thursday - January 23rd 2020 3:33PM MST
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In our 2 y/o post Toward Sustainable Stupidity*, Peak Stupidity made a point about recycling. We noted that just because one may put almost all his waste in that bright green recycling can doesn't mean 1/2 that trash will end anywhere different than the stuff from the blue can does. The real reason to recycle is to keep costs down for the trucks hauling garbage to landfills further out of town (there is plenty of room for 100X more landfills, but you gotta pay for the transportation.)

Anyway, while listening to a blurb on NPR, yes that channel, a few days back, this time somewhat through fault of my own**, I heard them in the middle of a story about pretty much just what I wrote in that Toward Sustainable Stupidity post. Though the broadcaster was no eventually-dashed-fantasy Nina Totenberg, pondered in "All Things Considered", it's been a long road to Peak Stupidity, I listened for about 2 minutes before turning it off. This guy did not use the words "virtue signaling" or anything like that regarding the people that think they have recycled 90% of their trash-mass. However, he did go as far as to say it made people "feel better" about their concern for the planet. That's a start toward realizing what it's mostly about.

Here's NPR's concern below, from their website (yes, I had to hold my nose). It's somehow about the climate, you can see. WTF? It's trash, man, it doesn't affect the climate. I guess they are just so used to the words ...

Having ascertained that Peak Stupidity is 2 years ahead of NPR in our thinking was kind of worrying. What else do we agree with them on? Crap. Well, I turned that guy off quickly before there was another and before that soothing, soothing ... voice... lulled me to sleep ... on the Interstate ... oh, Nina, that feels nice, Nina ...

* Probably one of my favorite of our post titles. True, it should read the other way "Sustainability Stupidity" or something like that, but my way resembles the average modern $2,000/weekend (meals extra) seminar title and, either way, it LOLs me once in a while.

** It was not my car, and it was preset in the radio, which was left on.

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