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Posted On: Wednesday - January 15th 2020 8:18PM MST
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If not the peak, things just plateaued after this one.:

The mention of Amendment XXVI on the national election voting age in this post brought to my mind this question: When did America reach the peak of our abilities to wisely Amend the US Constitution? There really haven't been very many good ones at all, have there?

The 1st 10 Amendments, as we all (SHOULD) know, are called the Bill of Rights. These were not actually amended to the document later, as per the process specified in the document itself. These 1st 10 were added during the original ratification process of the US Constitution, as requested by those who feared an out-of-control Federal Gov't. Psshawww! What were those anti-Federalists anyway, "Federophobics", with this crazy irrational fear?!

The anti-Federalists pushed for this Bill of Rights, with items I through X for damn good reasons, but even number X, here:

... was not clear enough to the later ignorant American citizens who dropped the ball in this American experiment*, especially when under the influence of those up to no good. So it probably didn't matter what these wise Founders put in those 10 items of the Bill of Rights in the long run. However, would the country have possibly stayed freer for longer, if the language for that further amendment process had not been inserted? I guess our Founders reckoned that 3/4 of the States could not be filled with fools. No, they weren't THAT wise.

This post is another intro. really, as I'd like to go over some of those latter 17 Constitutional Amendments, trashing them one by one. No, we're not gonna' run out of material here for a long while ...

* For the ideas about States being "experiments" of their own, in democracy, see this long-forgotten (by me, anyway) post "The American Experiments in Democracy and SGTOW". That's States Going Their Own Way.

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