Mr. Merkel, build up this Wall!

Posted On: Tuesday - January 14th 2020 6:45PM MST
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33 1/2 years ago, President Ronald Reagan challenged Mr. Gorbachev, President of the USSR, to back up the words of the Commies about their great utopian economic system by tearing down the wall that kept East Berlin Germans from escaping to West Berlin. Not specifically because of Mr. Reagan's great speech, I assure you, only 2 years later this wall was torn down by the population of Berlin, as the USSR fell apart and its East Bloc captive countries were freed. This wall, built to keep people in, not out, had been up for 28 years. Well, right there, right then was a hell of a time to be on the right side of the Cold War and any side of the ruins of the Berlin Wall as a German.

Less than 3 decades later - the Merkel Invasion

Only 26 years later, Herr Merkel, Chancellor of the unified Germany, had already screwed over the German people by allowing over a million supposed refugee from Africa and the Middle East into the country. Though that's out of 83 million people, it's a big number than it sounds. As young men mostly, not really refugees at all, compared men of similar age who are actually German (subtract the 2 1/2 million Turks out), they could easily be 10% of them:

Numbers from the German Interior Ministry from this site. Note the word "registered". That's already 1.3 million. How many are not particularly "registered"?

This is out of this demography:

Just add up the male 15 through 34 y/o bars. You only get about 10 million.

There's no way anyone can call this some insignificant event in the history of Germany. This is a serious change in the make-up of the country, already changed somewhat in the Moslem direction by the idiotic importation of Turks since the 1960s to do the work that excellent German machinery could apparently not do.

A few days back, the indispensable Brenda Walker of VDare, informed us Germans Flee Diversity To Live In Monocultural Hungary. That's the reaction of many Germans who are told they can't even SAY anything about this grave threat to their population and culture, much less do anything. Some are getting the hell out and heading to another European country, ironically, one that had been in the East Bloc (albeit in a half-assed way). Mrs. Walker excerpts part of this article from the Christian Broadcasting Network, written by one Dale Hurd:
On Saturday the world celebrated the thirtieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, which led to the reunification of Germany.

But what has Germany become? Not what some had hoped. And the proof of that can be found in Hungary, about two hours west of Budapest, at a place called Lake Balaton. Why mark the thirtieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall from a lake in Hungary? Because it’s where a lot of Germans have fled to who are fed up with Angela Merkel’s new Germany.

Germans Fleeing Migrant Crime

The Lake Balaton region is full of Germans who have moved here for all sorts of reasons, but a local real estate agent told us the biggest reason is migrant crime in Germany. ”At the moment our clients are 80 percent German,” Hungarian Real Estate Agent László Kozma told us, “And the main reason is the immigration problem in Germany.”
The CBN article itself also says:
"It's getting worse than the situation in East Germany because we didn't have this," says German evangelist and author Heidi Mund, herself a former East German, "We didn't have this murder, we didn't have the rape."

But speaking out about migrant crime too forcefully in the new Germany can get you in trouble. Mund thought International Women's Day would be a good time to speak about the danger of migrant crime to all women. Only a heavy police presence prevented her from being physically attacked by West German leftists, who spat on her and called her obscene names.

This is why some are calling today's Germany "East Germany 2.0." Because just like in East Germany, certain ideas are enforced, either by society or the government, and those who deviate from political correctness could lose their jobs, or even face criminal action by the state.
Yep, you've got your same old Commies, this time ostensibly working out of compassion for umpteen million "refugees" from the worst parts of the world. Nope, they don't read Marx and Engels and don't talk about the proletariat. They just want to destroy society. Oh, some of them were actual registered Commies before, such as Herr Merkel herself, having come across a few times even when there was a Berlin Wall and the larger-scale "Iron Curtain". She ought to know a little bit about walls.

These Germans (the article doesn't have numbers, unfortunately) that have been immigrating to Hungary know one thing: Hungary does have walls, at least working border fences anyway. "Mr. Orban, don't fuck with that wall!"

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