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Posted On: Tuesday - January 14th 2020 11:27AM MST
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I don't know why I bother with this guy (above). He's just a pundit that used to be well-known on the web for his insightful and curmudgeonly "FredOnEverything" site. It's just that Peak Stupidity doesn't like hypocrisy. This guy has been an ex-pat down in Ole' Mexico for more than a decade. That sounds like not too awful a plan for a single guy, but it's his current "reporting" on America and Americans that irks the crap out of me.

Though I've written all this before in two back-to-back columns a year and a half ago titled Fred Reed's Lifelong Siesta" (Part 1 and Part 2), I'd just gotten back to checking out his column on as a bad habit and using the very user-friendly comments section to tear him another new one for this crap:
I don’t think a single commenter on here was criticizing Fred Reed for high-tailing it to Mexico, Jeff [an ex-pat commenter in the Far East]. The criticism is for his being a raving hypocrite. With all his criticisms, written before, during, and after, his trip, Mr. Reed, lives off American money that is still worth a lot down there (not forever, though!), came to America to get health care that apparently couldn’t be obtained in Old Mexico, and then based his views of America from a visit to Washington, FS, spent apparently watching TV most of the time.

Fred Reed likes to take both sides of every argument against every problem:

[Fred Reed mode] America is decaying. There is no unified American culture anymore. There are lots of people mixed together from all over the world. There are bad ignorant Americans that are trying to prevent people from coming in from all over the world. Things don’t work well anymore. The new foreigners are better than those ignorant foreigner-hating Americans at working. America has changed for the worse from back when I was a kid when it was 90% white.

Trump is a clown. The TV news that I watch all day is full of people criticizing the President for everything and making fun of him. TV sucks. Americans should see how bad their country is on the TV. Trump wants a wall built. Bad ignorant Americans want a border barrier built. Walls don’t work. Americans just don’t want we Mexicans to assimilate and exchange bodily fluids with them. Mexicans don’t want to assimilate and be part of the crass, new, sick American culture that I watch on TV. Mexican culture is better and we have great engineering schools and gated communities. Mexico is better, so Mexicans don’t want to go to America. There is no need for a wall, but they don’t work anyway. Bodily fluids! [/Fred Reed mode]
I should quit, but giving these anti-Americans writers a piece of my mind is cathartic, whatever that means. See, seems to have a lot of writers that are just plain anti-ANYTHING-American lately. I completely agree with the erudite factual criticisms of the US Feral Gov't, the warfare state, and all of that. Some of these guys, though, just sound like propagandists for the old USSR or the Caliphate of some towelhead regime out in the Middle East.

If it weren't for the brilliant, snarky, and prolific Steve Sailer, the thoughtful gentlemanly numbers guy "Audacious Epigone", some occasional Paul Kersey, and the columnists such as John Derbyshire, Pat Buchanan, and Ron Paul, I wouldn't bother with that site anymore. Peak Stupidity doesn't have time to rip Fredrico a new one on a bi-weekly basis - there is too much other stupidity to cover. I'll write those posts about some great VDare writing later on.

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