Save Ferris Tucker!

Posted On: Saturday - January 11th 2020 10:13PM MST
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Is there some gofundme item for keeping Tucker Carlson safe in bodyguards? I'm truly amazed this guy has not been pulled off the TV yet. You can't say all this truthful and pro-Americans stuff like this!

Along with a lot of other groups, the Peak Stupidity bloggers think TV pundit Tucker Carlson is a righteous dude:

Brenda Walker over at VDare* points out a great rant by Mr. Carlson about some open-borders immigration garbage out of the mouth of Blue-squad Old-Phart Uncle-Joe Biden. VDare will often post a transcript along with a video clip, as the transcript can be read in a fraction of the time as one will spend viewing. Either way, see "Tucker Carlson Criticizes Joe Biden’s Ill-Considered Immigration Generosity".

Here is the video clip. Tucker sounds like he's read VDare and Ann Coulter both, for years! Maybe he's just got a lot of common sense and keeps in touch with the common man. The guy is downright dangerous to America's establishment, if Americans keep watching him in large numbers.

Tucker Carlson, you're my hero!

* BTW, VDare's has had a whole lot of good articles or posts over the last few days. I may mention one or two soon.

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