Ricky Gervais socks it to Hollywood

Posted On: Monday - January 6th 2020 11:15AM MST
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(I bet you haven't heard that expression since the Carter Administration, and that was from some old farts who take forever to catch on to the lingo.)

Before I embed some great video, I'll put in a good word for this movie/TV guy Ricky Gervais, who can't be a Hollywood guy himself cause he's British, right? I'd seen the British version of The Office TV show before the American version, not on TV, mind you, but on DVDs that were ripped and burned right there on the street in ... uhhh, the Orient over 10 years back. (Trying to prevent anyone from getting arrested here, over 2 bucks - is there a statue of limitations over there in Canton? Ooops, dammit - don't laugh - these Hollywood people are really vicious!) The young Chinalady person on the street could obviously not tell an English cast from an American, or even Ricky Gervais from Steve Carell, what with them both having white skin and round eyes, so the shows were mixed up.

Long-term Peak Stupidity readers will know that the American The Office show is one of my favorites. It is almost entirely un-PC, at least up through when the writers just started to get tired I guess after 5 or 6 seasons. The British show, from what I can recall from the 1 season in that $2 "box-set", was also funny, mainly because Ricky Gervais is one funny guy. Additionally, I ran across a 2008 movie starring him called Ghost Town and found it to be damned funny and not too particularly PC (or else I would have not remembered the end, having shut the thing down). So kudos for Ricky Gervais even before the Golden Globe Awards.

I really had to look on the internet, as I had no idea how these Golden Globes differ from the Oscars. If you are a typical Peak Stupidity reader, perhaps you wondered too, and more power to you for that! Well, I'll tell you, these awards compete with the Oscars, but are somehow associated with and outfit called the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. I suppose these are the people with the auto-winder Nikons and Minoltas that were taking pictures of which stars are boinking which other stars, of them jogging and sagging on the beach after a night of binge drinking, or trying to catch those crotch shots, then using their own enlargers (if at all necessary) to get prints to hurriedly mail special 4-day parcel express across the ocean to run them in the foreign versions of People magazine. What a gig it was, I'm sure, but they are all obsolete now, so they just continue to run this awards show.

In this 2020 Golden Globes Awards show, for those glorious cute or handsome and more-generally hot people who can say lines to the movie cameras, the host Ricky Gervais tore them and their whole "industry" a new asshole. You think he's kidding, but Mr. Gervais quips about 4 times during this fantastic 8 minutes that this will be his last time doing this, so what the hell... Yeah, definitely this will be his last time, and hopefully he's socked away some cash or has lots of royalties still pouring in. Ricky, you'll never work in dis bidness again! Get a real job, out in that flyover world!

That's really the stuff that likely hurt his privileged audience the most. He told all these actors, actresses, and directors and such that they "know nothing about the real world" and "have spent less time in school than Greta Thunberg"* This guy not just reamed these people, but he thought it all out ahead of time.

See, the 2nd half of Ricky Gervais' introduction to the '20 Golden Globes was what it would be like to give the keynote speech at a sheet-metal design trade show telling the audience "I've got one word for your future - 'Plastics'". No, wait, it wouldn't, as at least those industries employ real, productive and creative people making real stuff that makes the world run. It would be like ... something.... Anyway, he told them that they should come up and get their awards, thank whomever, and STFU about any political issues that they don't know a damn thing about.

I set this video to start about 80% through, just to get to the great reaming of Hollywood part. However, Mr. Gervais, while of course funny the whole time, has some material that's beyond the usually roasting and the inside jokes (to me, at least, as I haven't seen any of the movies he referred to). He mentioned the making of the movies based on Marvel comics and such, and this lack of creativity. Please, if you've got 8 minutes, watch the whole thing, if nothing else, just to get the hits up on youtube** to a level to piss off Hollywood even further than it is right now.

More, more, of this, Hollywood! If I'd known I could see Ricky Gervais do this bit, I'd have watched it live, maybe in the Best Buy TV aisle. And, Ricky Gervais, you rock, but watch your 6. Next movie you're in, I swear I'll pay up to 5 bucks for the thing, once it comes out on Beijing Road, there on the sidewalk.

* Oh, man, that's right in my wheelhouse! I'd love to hire this guy as assistant blogger. I don't know if we can pay him what he's used to ...but ...

** I'm not sure if it's just "views" or there is a time factor in there. These people keep track of LOTS of stuff.

Monday - January 6th 2020 5:28PM MST
PS: I would have been excited to see Jennifer Anniston about 25 years back and with the sound off, but no, just no. Thanks for the comment, Dtbb.
Monday - January 6th 2020 2:26PM MST
PS:Should be of course the bimbo...
Monday - January 6th 2020 2:23PM MST
PS:I actually saw that because it was right after the football game. It was probably easy to write the material, just took balls to say out loud. Of the bimbo Jennifer Anniston came out and immediately blamed the fires in Australia on "climate change". I changed the channel to PBS right away. Peak stupidity by Jennifer after after that monologue!
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