The Good News from the Commonwealth of Virginia

Posted On: Saturday - December 28th 2019 9:40PM MST
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This may be only temporary good news (yeah, you knew the bad news part was coming). It's just that, after all, demographics is demographics which are part of this story to begin with. Most foreigner residents don't really care about these "rights of which you speak", passing grades on their citizenship tests (if any) notwithstanding.

(Map and short story on this are from/on Gun Rights Watch. I had to shrink this, so if you can't read the legend: Dark green is good - means ADDITIONAL measures! Lightest green means "hearing soon".)

The new D-squad party rulers of the Commonwealth of Virginia have been on the warpath about guns lately. It's only through big changes in demographics that Virginia has flipped over the last few years from "red" to "blue"* In general the newcomers have neither any history of giving a damn about the Founding Fathers of America nor inclination to take this most important of rights, elucidated in Amendment II of the B.O.R., too seriously.

The government of Virginia is being resisted in its efforts and its dangerous talk about gun confiscation by a method originating in Oregon and Illinois, that of the creation of "Sanctuary Counties" (and cities). This is a damn smart idea. It uses the same terminology that the ctrl-left use with their resistance to Feral Gov't** enforcement of immigration law (funny that, cause there's nothing at all against that stuff in the Constitution). Also, this will hopefully bring out thoughts about the county Sheriff being the highest law of the land, other than the Constitution itself, which, again, is pretty damn clear on this matter.

The most important thing is that this is getting gun owners and other Constitutionalists organized. There are a subset who are ready to go to the mattresses for this right, were the confiscation to really get started. The problem is, it hasn't usually gone this way, with any direct attempt to grab guns. It's always been a slow-boil-of-the-frog deal, where certain guns/ammo/accessories have been banned or further regulated, just a little bit more at a time. It's not worth it for a man to get put into prison or killed trying a rebellion against the latest little "common-sense" "save-just-one-child" law, especially because he will have few standing behind him.

It's not just Virginia, but the Federal-election level blue squad candidates that are getting bold with this confiscation talk. I'm not surprised to hear it from the "young turds", but even the "old pharts" are making noises about having Commie-style confiscations, Butt's-his-name being one I have in mind particularly. I believe they think this demographic change*** The Party has been implementing for 55 years now has met its goal in eliminating the patriotism and Constitutionalism. They are pretty close, yet ...

... I don't know whether it was Sun Tzu, General Tso, Colonel Sanders, or Bill Ayers who said it, but "you don't interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake." By stupidly using the c-word at this juncture, the ctrl-left in Virginia, just like at least the young turds of the blue-squad presidential candidates, is really screwing up the plan of the Globalist elites. See, you gotta go slow and easy, one little common-sense step at a time. Don't get ahead of the Lyin' Press narrative about that latest shooting, keep some candidates on the roster that duck hunt, and NEVER, NEVER say "confiscation", dammit! (OK, you can say "retroactive common-sense limits", but that's where you draw the line.)

Peak Stupidity will readily put down our entire website beautification budget against our having any long-term Communist readers, but still, one can't be too careful. This post is for your eyes only. Let's continue to let the ctrl-left make these egregious errors. This stuff is both waking up and organizing patriots of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Bravo!

Here's a blast from the past from Aussie country singer Steve Lee. He had to come to America to shoot parts of the video. You know why. I Like Guns got a lot of views on youtube right at 10 years back, maybe a significant number from yours truly.

PS: Note on the map up top that it's the surrounding areas of the old 2 capitals, only 120 miles or so apart, of the nations during the War Between the States, that are NOT resisting the efforts of tyrannical gun-control nuts. The big cities, and the suburbs thereof, contain lots of the newcomers.

* I'm using the quotes because I pretty much HATE HATE HATE these designations, seeing as it'd be a whole lot easier to remember that the Red squad is the Commie wing, and the Blue squad is the pretend-to-be-holding-off-the Commies wing, of THE PARTY. I know that the Gov't Media didn't want us to think that way, so they have the colors reversed. I still often screw it up in my head to this day!

As another aside, I do see the two wings as differing at the local and state level more than as just the 2 squads that they seem to be at the Federal level.

** As Peak Stupidity has noted before ... somewhere ... it's not like the left are any fans of States or local rights. This just fits their agenda. They have no principles but that of "destruction at the highest rate".

*** This is the deal that they've been telling us we're paranoid and xenophobic about ... until about a year back, now that it's done. Their story now is "nyah, nyah, what are you gonna' do about it?"

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