Censorship - a job REAL Americans just won't do.

Posted On: Thursday - December 26th 2019 6:28PM MST
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(possibly not) A member of youtube's censorship staff:

This is a good one, straight off of VDare from just over a week back. I made up my headline, and then realized it almost matched James Kirkpatrick's Another Job Americans Won't Do; Censor The Free Speech Of Americans. This article is what pushed Peak Stupidity into finally getting onto the iEspionage topic, as with our 2nd-most-recent post.

Like a lot of the electronic/internet-based espionage done mostly to ourselves with no concern by the "if you have nothing to hide ..." crowd, nobody HAS to participate. There are some alternatives to youtube, but I'm not sure I know anybody between the ages of 5 and 65 that has not used youtube. There are people making a living via that virtual venue - it's called having your own channel and "monetizing".

For us music embedders and late-night full-ELO-album listeners it's the easiest thing. (Thanks go to commenter Ganderson for pointing me to some other Grateful Dead sources. Keep in mind, though that The Dead are different. They always made an effort to let all fans share their music.) I've seen how to fix a car window regulator, fix what could have been an expensive transmission problem, and, how to unsuccessfully take apart a nerf gun. At this point, most of us feel we NEED youtube.

Yeah, but to "keep us safe", youtube's goolag owners have a whole Ministry of Truth , errr, censorship office , oops, content moderation facility in Austin, Texas. Where else in Texas would you find people up for this shit. No, wait, they are not Texans at all, except in the "Texas Man kills daughter in honor killing" sense. Per Vdare, "Turns out it's mostly immigrants imported from the Middle East who are paid as little as possible." and here's VDare's excerpt from an outfit called The Verge* (not the band that has the lead singer that bumps people around on the sidewalk - that's the Verve:)
Google’s largest content moderation facility in the US is in Austin, Texas. Hundreds of moderators who work there serve as YouTube’s police force.
Google created a dedicated queue for videos believed to contain violent extremism and staffed it with dozens of low-paid immigrants from the Middle East. Moderators make $18.50 an hour — about $37,000 a year — and have not received a raise in two years.

Austin moderators are required to view five hours of gruesome video per day. This comes despite the fact that YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki promised to reduce their burden to four hours per day last year.

Workers on the site describe feeling anxiety, depression, night terrors, and other severe mental health consequences after doing the job for as little as six months
Really, $18.50 an hour to watch videos is a kid's dream come true. Oh, poor dears, no raise. This is a case in which I really wish there weren't any Americans that could be hired to do this job, just out of principle. That is hardly likely though. Mr. Kirkpatrick notes:
Of course, there is actual "violent extremism" that is put up online. ISIS propaganda videos, drug cartel violence, open calls to incitement and murder, etc. However, what the MSM is really interested in purging is speech they don't like. Essentially, Middle Eastern immigrants are being given veto power over what Americans are and are not allowed to say on the dominant online media platform.
Yeah, and I wonder how slanted the censorship is regarding all matters Islam. Just as with hiring Moslem soldiers for the US Army, cough, Nidal Malik Hasan, cough, cough**, for these goolag censors, are we sure about the loyalty of these individuals to the US Constitution and the truth, respectively? Above all else, don't give them access to guns.

This probably doesn't matter to the people that operate this office in Austin, TX, as Goolag does not care about truth. They can use these guys to implement whatever agenda they want, suppression of nationalism and patriotism being most of it. You get a few Americans, and they may just get wise after a few months of 5 hours daily moderating to what is really going on. For the foreigners, these arcane concepts of freedom of speech and Constitutionally protected rights are not a factor. If you think that's bad, this is they do the same thing in the US military.

As stupid as this all is, do we really want to take this censorship ability from goolag and Facebook and give it to the US government? Oh, Trump will pick some good people, you say? Maybe, but then the next administration comes in, and like the Hildabeast's firing of everyone up through the White House travel office staff, now you got another thing coming.

(possible) Location of the new US Government Office of Moderation:

* The whole Verge article, THE TRAUMA FLOOR, subtitled "The secret lives of Facebook moderators in America", by one Casey Newton, is very interesting itself. It concentrates on a contractor in the "moderation" business named Cognizant, which does this work for Facebook out of Phoenix, Arizona. It does not get much into the Moslem aspect, except to note that the company has forbid them to use break time to Head East and pray.

** No, no joke there regarding the reluctance to bring up this mass murder - it's just that, as far as I can tell, coughing is a part of speech in the Arabic language. Maybe I'm taking it out of context ...

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