Antifa Punch-Out Porn

Posted On: Wednesday - December 11th 2019 10:21AM MST
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This is good stuff. In this 45 second video, some antifa asshole has blocked a white SUV on the road. The driver starts off just cussing at the guy. When this brave antifa warrior starts beating on the door of the guy's vehicle, the driver gets out, pushes this warrior for Social Justice to the ground and punches him a copious amount.

This stuff is great to watch. Now, see, this driver is a lone guy. He may yet get in trouble, but I kind of doubt it, since this happened in Texas. Once the antifa guy started grabbing at the door, this good old boy had every right to defend himself, even it's just a lawyer-talk of "I feared for my life." I know the guy didn't fear for his life, but when the lawyer says say that, you say that!

Still, the establishment, even in Texas, is infested with the ctrl-left, so you never know how a situation like this, one-on-one, will turn out in the blind eyes of the legal system. That's why, per Peak Stupidity's continual admonitions, "there is great power in numbers". Get your whole neighborhood or half the town to show up at the courthouse, and you'll have a much better outcome.

"Two thumbs up ... our asses ... " - Iskel and Sebert

"I love that uppercut at the end." - youtube commenter Bobby Old Chedda

"A wonderful, feel-good story for the whole family ..." - Peak Stupidity

"Best Indie short of the year..." - Movie Reviews

"You said that in March, and again in July and October. Why don't you wait until the freaking 31st to decide?! - Chief Editor of Movie Reviews.

"Great casting! Superb set design! Next time, just hold the damn camera sideways ... - New England Journal of iFilmmaking

Here is a link to the Liveleak website page on which I first saw this video. The credit should go there, as it was hard to find on youtube (but I don't know if I can, or how to, embed something off of Liveleak.

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