Ring, Ring, Greta please give me a call ...♬ ♬

Posted On: Saturday - December 7th 2019 8:24PM MST
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The great graphic above is from a post on Zerohedge yesterday. You know, with the stories they have on that site now, all with loads of usually-hilarious comments, they ought to be named Peak Stupidity. Just read the headlines on ZH right now to see what I mean. Hey, "Tyler Durden", if you want the URL, you'll have to fight me for it, bitch!

Zerohedge points out "Greta Thunberg Enraged After Climate Strikes 'Achieved Nothing', Has Yet To Visit China". That's a very good point. Is it that her yacht doesn't have the range or equipment to make it across the Arctic Ocean, which ought to be free of icebergs now, right? Greta, how's the ice in the Arctic? Any wind forecast? You got sails on that thing, right?

BTW, this would have to be the route to take without taking - don't have my globe on me, sorry - 3 or 4 times the distance of the route across the north Atlantic, and IF YOU'RE LUCKY, some NorthWest passage, but more like down the US eastern seaboard, through the Panama Canal - we don't own it, so no discount for you! - then across the wide Pacific Ocean to Shanghai. Or, would the western-Europe-coast, the Med, Suez Canal, Red Sea, Indian Ocean, and S. China Sea be better?*

The Zerohedge article has over 1,200 comments, so you if you are snowed in right now, scroll to the bottom there, and enjoy your day! In the meantime, let me ask the readers this question: Based on the meme above and what you know of her, and based on the 1970s pop music scene, if you could travel through time, would you rather have a free ticket to see the next Greta Thunberg scolding speech at the United Nations from the front row, no less, or a ticket to a 1975 ABBA concert, also front row seating? Take your time - remember, you've got a time machine, so if you decide wrong, you can transport from the 2020 UN building in New York City to 1975 Stockholm, Sweden.

What's it gonna be, 16 y/o Greta or 22 y/o Agnetha (or if she's busy after the show, you could settle for 25 y/o redhead Anni-Frid)? Wait, we've had this discussion before, but his is just an excuse for another great song from ABBA. Ring, Ring from 1973 was not from an album, but just a 45 rpm single record. I know it from the great "Greatest Hits" album that even amazon does not have**.

So, here is a long distance dedication to Greta Thunberg from Peak Stupidity, as I wait for her call back to meet me at the coffee shop for a large Carbon-free Vente Super-Latte Cappuccino to talk about mathematical modeling of the Earth's entire climate. In the meantime, Peak Stupidity readers, keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the stars!

I was sitting on my phone.
I was waiting all alone.
Baby by myself I sit and really wonder about you.
It's a dark and warming night.
Seems like nothing's going right.
Won't you tell me Greta how to do math models without you?

Yes I'm down here on the loo,
for a carbon-neutral poo-ooh , oh-oh ...

Ring, ring, why don't you give me a call?
Ring, ring, the happiest sound of them all
Ring, ring, I just plugged my phone in the wall.
I model Earth all alone impatiently.
Won't you please understand hydrology?
So, ring, ring, why don't you give me a call?
So, ring, ring, why don't you give me a call?

Calculating while on a bong,
hey did I do something wrong?
I just can't believe that I could be so badly mistaken.
Was it me or was it you?
Did I miss a square root of 2?
Won't you hear me cry and you will know that my heart is breaking.

Seas are rising, let us not forget,
pretty soon we'll all get wet, oh-oh...

Ring, ring, why don't you give me a call?
Ring, ring, the happiest sound of them all.
Ring, ring, I just threw the phone down the hall.
And I sit on the throne impatiently.
Don't you dare use that tone in front of me,
So, ring, ring, why don't you give me a call?

* For more on the Great Circle route and the non-Euclidean geometry here (I think that's what it is?) see Peak Stupidity's "Moslem call to prayer and the Great Circle route".

** This one has one couple (I don't know if any of the 4 main members of the band were ever couples), on the front kissing on a park bench and back has the other two sitting looking kind of estranged on a similar park bench. There are plenty of other collections, of course.

Sunday - December 8th 2019 8:47AM MST
PS Dtbb: wink wink nudge nudge, say no more...
Sunday - December 8th 2019 8:22AM MST
PS As the resident Swede-o-phile on this thread, I’d take Sweden in 1975, although California wouldn’t’ be torture. And you wouldn’t have to go meet Agneta or Anni-Frid, their equivalents would be all around you.

And speaking of 16 year old Swedish girls, here’s one that’s worth listening to- and easy on the eyes as well:


Sunday - December 8th 2019 8:20AM MST
PS:I was thinking of movies that played locally at the Ritz theatre, if you know what I mean.
Sunday - December 8th 2019 5:03AM MST
PS:: He-hey, that's right, "only 17". I would take 1950s California over 1970s Sweden, but who says you can't try them all. It worked in "Back to the Future".

Uhh, hot pop bands? Or do you mean Saabs for the proto-yuppies?
Saturday - December 7th 2019 10:05PM MST
PS:Next year Greta will be the "Sailing Queen". Surely your question is rhetorical. Who wouldn't want to visit Sweden in the mid 70s? What was Sweden's main export to the U.S. back then?
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