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Posted On: Thursday - December 5th 2019 5:12PM MST
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I don't know very much about the writer Eric Striker, other than he is of the alt-right, a Nationalist, and that kind of thing. He has been writing for unz.com a few months now, and his Nov. 28th article The New Sheriff in Town tells us a bit of Globalist George Soros has been up to lately.

If you recall, Peak Stupidity has pretty much settled on George Soros as the best fit for the notorious position of AntiChrist, as per the Book of Revelation - see The latest actual AntiChrist according to our part-time intern for our decision just based on process of elimination.

Yes, much of this AntiChrist topic is in jest here, but just go read the details of one of Mr. Soros' campaigns in the Eric Striker article. Soros is behind all sorts people who are on Peak Stupidity's bad side. Conspiracy theories are not necessary, as one guy (or AntiChrist, for that matter) can't have a conspiracy all by himself. This stuff is out in the open.

In this article, Mr. Striker provides some details of just a few of the many local office politicians that George Soros has bankrolled. I'd read about his new idea for destruction before in various places. Instead of a large-scale "grassroots" campaign against guns or just some scam to fuck with the currency or what-have-you, this one involves spending smaller amounts of money to influence a myriad of local elections. Some of these are Attorneys General*, and the details here are of his support of hard-left anti-justice candidates. Many of these work to obstruct justice rather than implement it - go to the article and check out Mr. Striker's stories.

It doesn't take that much money per pop, to greatly influence local elections. Of course, this strategy would not work were the majority of Americans wise, libertarian, and not hooked on the Bread & Circuses, rather than paying attention. After all, the money pays for ads for the most part. So far it doesn’t buy the votes directly.

This George Soros is one evil bastard. What exactly are his reasons for wanting to destroy Western Civilization? What has it ever done to him? This Eric Striker article does nothing to dissuade us from our 3-year-old opinion that George Soros could be the real deal, as foretold in Revelations.

* Yes, we are going upscale here at Peak Stupidity. The proper grammar came to me last night as I ordered 2 Bacons McDouble at the Golden Arches Supper Club.

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