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Posted On: Saturday - November 23rd 2019 8:34PM MST
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Hey Yu!

Hu, Mie?

This tranny-worshipping phylum of the genderbender class of stupidity has been on a real roll lately. It's not anybody I run into in real life, but I suppose it's the stuff that Steve Sailer reads for me, from such publications as the NY Times, The Atlantic, Washington Post, etc. Educated people are apparently supposed to keep up with these in order to get with the program on all the newest stupidity.

The corporate world is getting on board with all of this crap too though, so I feel very lucky not to be in a position in which I have to deal with it, one way or another.

People are actually telling people when they meet, or I suppose on their business cards, what pronouns should be used instead of their (<--- see that's one, right there) proper noun names. That is the purpose of pronouns, to save time and avoid repetition. Schoolhouse rock explains:

In our very 1st post on feminism, Peak Stupidity ranted on the use of "their" as unknown-sex third-person singular. That's been going on since likely the 1970s, as the feminists have the average speaker scared of using the male pronoun (he, him, his), as proper English would tell HIM. (<--- the right way!) Things have gotten way beyond that with people "identifying" as other sexes and with other sexual preferences. There are a hell of a lot of combinations now, but not any extra pronouns in the regular English language to make use of.

Therefore, these idiots are telling others to call them "they", "xir", and I guess whatever Xey want. Not all are pronounceable, but that's apparently not Xeir problem.

See, now this is just another area in which the Chinese are kicking our asses! Tāmen have got two things going for tāmen:

a) They don't have their Cultural Revolution going on. We do. This sucks.

b) The Chinese language has a single pronoun for "he", "she" or "it". It's just "tā". The "men" makes it plural. This is EASY. They don't even need a schoolhouse rock video over there.

So, while Americans spend time learning and arguing about these new weird-ass pronouns for weird-ass people, the Chinese are building new roads with bridges and tunnels and doing science and engineering. Tāmen don't have time for new freaking pronouns.

Well now the caption up top has got me embedding some music for tonight. It's Hey, you from Bachman Turner Overdrive off of their 1975 album Four Wheel Drive. It does have a very similar sound to their hit song You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet, in my opinion.

Please play this loud, or don't play it at all. Thank you.

BTO has been featured only once before on Peak Stupidity with Gimme Your Money Please, and band member Randy Bachman's son Tal was also with his great 1999 song She's so High.

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