Black Privilege, NY City's Commie First Lady, and Mental Health

Posted On: Saturday - November 23rd 2019 10:44AM MST
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You've just got to read the latest from John Derbyshire. On VDare, "On Black Privilege–Mrs. Bill de Blasio Rapes New York Taxpayers, Lies About Childhood In Liberal Massachusetts" is off of the latest Mr. Derbyshire's Radio Derb podcast. I may have written this before, but one can listen for 40 minutes or so, or read them in 5-10 minutes. I prefer reading, and VDare has the transcripts up usually a couple of weeks after the podcast can be listened to.

Chirlane McCray is the wife of NY City's Mayor de Blasio, a real piece of shit work himself. This lady has neither been elected, even by the stupid people of New York City, nor appointed to any paid position. She is, however, in charge of a program called ThriveNYC in which 7/8 of a BILLION bucks has already been spent to improve mental health in that city. Honestly, to improve the mental health there, it's gonna take the removal of a few million people, but I guess they went for the "cheap" solution first.

This article by John Derbyshire is too good for me to excerpt even just one part of. I don't see him use the terms Commie and liar together directly too awful often, but this Race-privileged Lyin' Commie deserves it.

Go read it, please... like now!

(Hopefully, I"ll have one more post up tonight. Have a good weekend, PS readers!)

Sunday - November 24th 2019 7:38AM MST
PS He often gets back to me, which is surprising given the amount of mail he must get.

Re: cake-eater. In the movie Miracle there's a scene between periods during the Sweden game. Rob McClanahan has been injured- deep thigh bruise IIRC, Herb Brooks comes in and asks if he can go- Mac says something like I dunno coach. As Brooks is walking out of the locker room he stage whispers “ candy-ass” McClanahan goes nuts and winds up playing the rest of the game, which the US ties in the final seconds.

Not exactly what happened, though. Brooks was from the East Side of St. Paul, a very blue collar, nose to the grindstone sort of place, while McClanahan was from Mounds View, a cake eater St. Paul suburb. What Herbie actually called him was “cake-eater” not candy ass. Cake eater is much, much worse.

More cake eater video:

Saturday - November 23rd 2019 9:31PM MST
PS: Yeah, Dtbb, that's a LOT of damn money wasted (or used for corruption).
Saturday - November 23rd 2019 9:27PM MST
PS: Funny video, Ganderson. I'd never even heard the term "cake eater" before. I think people like Mrs.McCray don't care that people won't believe the stories. They know that most are too afraid to bring up any objections, cause, RACISSS!

BTW, have you gotten an email reply from Mr. D. before? He sure doesn't write back in comments on unz very often.
Saturday - November 23rd 2019 4:30PM MST
PS:This kind of shit sets my Scottish blood boiling. Are new yorkers that stupid and careless? This should be the scandal of the century.
Saturday - November 23rd 2019 3:56PM MST
PS Here's the link the Cke Eater's anthem- lots of inside Minnesota stuff, but enjoyable nonetheless:
Saturday - November 23rd 2019 3:48PM MST
PS part of an email I sent to the Derb:

I smiled at your skepticism about the experiences of New York City's First Lady in the Longmeadow schools. Longmeadow, which is a suburb of Springfield, is, then as now, one of the richest towns in the Commonwealth (growing up in Minnesota we called towns like Longmeadow "Cake-Eater" towns - see video below about Edina, a very Longmeadow-ish place outside of Minneapolis)
Longmeadow is very rich and heavily Jewish- and thus very liberal. I know people who taught there when Ms. McCray attended, and like you I find it unthinkable that the things that she says happened actually happened. It leads to the question- do people like her really believe this, or they take us for suckers? A little of both, I'd venture.
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