Freedom and homeschooling in Germany and America with Lame-O Trump

Posted On: Friday - November 22nd 2019 10:58AM MST
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(Excuse us for some older stories, but I'm trying to clear out some browser tabs containing articles or subjects I've been meaning to write about. This is another one, and there'll be more.)

The Wunderlich family wins a case in Germany:

As fast as it will go away in all of the Western world as immigration from lands in which people are not quite up to it, the rule of law in Germany has ALLOWED the Wunderlich family to homeschool their four children. This is good news, but only on top of very bad things in the past that are not the mark of any kind of free society. It's not just that the German government had had no respect for this right of these parents to raise their children away from the indoctrination. The family had moved to France to be able to take care of their children, but with no good employment there, they moved back, at which point the kids had were taken away for 3 weeks time based on a bullshit story by their neighbors. You know you are in no kind of free country when neighbors can cause you this very horrible government tyranny on a whim. (Sounds very much like family court or the city residential inspection business here.)

Lifesitenews wrote about the good news from Darmstadt, Germany this past 4th of July in "VICTORY: German homeschooling parents win back custody of their children". It's nice to read some occasional good news, especially something unexpected like this out of the increasing Globalicized, Moslemicized former defender of the European sector of the free world. The judge who had ordered the kids taken from their parents back in '13 "was replaced in the case “on the grounds of bias.” Unfortunately, I don't think they mean "replaced" the way I'd like it to mean.

The new hearings that went on an on eventually, as Peak Stupidity just put it, "allowed" the 3 girls to be raised and taught at home (I guess the boy is on his own now). See, when you have no basic enshrined rights in a Constitution, this is the kind of shit that happens. It's not like this is some big precedent I doubt - the next family may go through the same damn thing. Of course, a country that has a real Constitution that limits government must have a population that defends it in words and sometimes deed, or it'll just be a piece of useless parchment in a museum. We are almost at that latter point.

Peak Stupidity published 3 posts (Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3) before on homeschooling, the 3rd of which told the story of a different German family the Romeikes, if you recall. This family of 6 tried to stay in the US as asylum seekers in order to homeschool without government kidnapping, and this seems as good a cause as any. As we wrote (in that "Part 3" above), the Øb☭ma administration sent them back. Should we say hallelujahs for the election of President Trump, on this score? Hell no.

I went and read some more on the Romeike family, on the Christian Post. It sounds like this family has exhausted its last appeal, though they've been stalling since the Øb☭ma persecution in '14, kind of living in about as much of the shadows as the average Mexican illegal alien who came here just cause "why not?" Good on 'em, but not on the Trump Administration. I can't say if President Trump himself actually knows about the case, but he is, after all, boss of his administration, supposedly. The Christian Post quotes Michael Farris, Chairman of the HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association) on the response from the White House after a petition was signed by 127,000 Americans:
"No one can understand why the White House is showing so much leniency to millions of immigrants who have come here illegally in hopes of securing better jobs, but is so determined to deport this one family who has come to America in search of freedom for themselves and their children," Farris declared. "This petition was the perfect opportunity for the White House to explain why this administration appealed the original grant of asylum. This was a perfect opportunity for the White House to explain the blatantly unequal treatment being received by the Romeike family. But the White House stalled for four months and said absolutely nothing."
What a lame-o this guy Trump is! It's not like 6 nice white Christians are going to make a dent in society vs. 3/4 of a MILLION DACA foreigners, over 10% of whom are serious criminals*. It still would have sent a nice message and spell a change from the purposeful anti-white hatred by Øb☭ma and his scumbag Attorney General Eric Holder.

100,000 or so foreigners with no respect for rule of law and no understanding of freedom come monthly, an equal amount or more come LEGALLY with the same qualifications, and Donald Trump can't get his tweet-finger to just send out a message to let the white Christian Romeike family live a productive and exemplary life in America? I'm starting to think this guy is pretty worthless. In this case, GO GERMANY! (I guess...)

PS: I really doubt the German authorities would even try to take Moslem kids away from their family were they homeschooled, even in Jihad 101 taught by the "Clock boy" himself. Nope, they value their hides more than that. One day, hopefully, the regular German people will worry them just as much. Same for America.

* Per VDare down into this article:"Of 765,166 approved applicants, 79,398, about 10 percent had been arrested for such crimes as rape, riot, burglary, robbery, and murder."

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