Nick Fuentes, Charlie Kirk, and Social Media Conservatism

Posted On: Wednesday - November 13th 2019 4:11PM MST
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I'm just sayin', it's hard to keep up. Here I was, just learning a few weeks ago who this alt-right youtuber Nick Fuentes is. I can see he's giving hell to the Conservative establishment (the GOPe, if you will). This recent post on VDare - Charlie Kirk Tries To Appease Nationalists At University of Florida—Fails to Satisfy Immigration Demands
- has 3 videos showing some bold young alt-right conservatives giving the guy on-stage some hell.

It was very encouraging to see people speak out. (Go to VDare for those 3 videos, as I couldn't find those specific ones on youtube.) Note what Peak Stupidity has been writing for years. There's power in numbers. If one brave soul speaks out with his unorthodox question and the audience sits quietly in fear of standing out, then this one guy will be embarrassed, possibly dragged out even, and won't speak up again. Here you see the audience get loud with appreciation. This greatly encourages and emboldens the next guy, and anybody in the next such event. Nobody is sitting there scared to speak anymore, even the meekest.

Now, in these videos, this annoying character placed by computer in front of the scene was cackling and running his mouth while I was trying to watch. That guy was Nick Fuentes, it turned out. He's the guy with the youtube channel that started all this radical Q&A! I can't tell him "down in front". OK, i'm with the program now and appreciate this young agitator for the cause of the true alt-right and patriotic Americans.

I figured the guy on stage, one Charlie Kirk, is a politician. Especially because the video I've just seen were at the U. of Florida (Gainesville), I somehow had Charlie Christ in mind, or for that matter ANY "Conservative, Inc. poliitcian. From my wiki reading just now on Charlie Kirk and his widespread network of campus conservative groups, Turning Point, he seems to be a young go-getter Conservative too. Who to root for? What I have below is a 38 minute compilation of the grilling of Charlie Kirk. You may not have time for it, so go to VDare for samplings as advised above, in that case.

Mr. Kirk may not be alt-right in beliefs, but he's also no old-time Washington beltway Conservative either. It's only wiki, but from what I read about the man "Turning Point", I'd have supported him wholeheartedly before watching the videos. Well, the Nick Fuente crowd, his "Groypers" that is, (no I DO NOT have any idea where the term comes from.) are not satisfied with "good enough". They are ready to raise hell, and I envy any young people being in that position today.

After having duckduckgone for 10 minutes, inputting "Charlie Kirk vs. Nick Fuentes" (I know, just like "Shark Mania") gave me a pretty informative and balanced post, "The campus civil war on the right. Nick Fuentes and the "groypers" vs Charlie Kirk and Ben Shapiro.", by one Jeff H. of Politics, War, & Culture. From my 15 minute perusal of the site, I'd say author is a bit naive and not informed of the all the political history but still a good and very civil and fair writer. I'll try to get back to his site.

One thing about this YCCW (Young Conservative Civil War ?) is that everything going on is all talk and social media. That is the mode of operation with young people of all views, but it gets a bit gossipy and silly sometimes. This guy's tweet got followed by this guy, and so-and-so has banned so-and-so from his channel, etc. Granted, I don't want to see people bashing each other with bike locks (at least not WITHIN the right), but how about some pushing, shoving, and an occasional good punch out? The videos are great though. Two thumbs up!

Friday - November 15th 2019 6:50AM MST
PS: Dtbb, I really like geography and have been "all around this here land", which is why that was a dumb mistake for me.

That's quite a trifecta by Charlie Crist!
Thursday - November 14th 2019 1:31PM MST
PS: Charlie Crist has the distinction of losing a statewide election as a republican, independent and as a democrat. Unfortunately he is my current democrat representative. It was me with the inadvertent anon comment.
Thursday - November 14th 2019 12:18PM MST
PS: Yes, thank you, BC. I had read some of this information you included but forgot some of it for the post. The "stapled-on green card" thing is to me the most egregious thing out of this Charlie Kirk.

When I first read about him, I'd given Kirk some credit for starting this widespread conservative organization on campuses, which is alone an amazing thing, as lefty as most (even State) universities are these days. However, what you say makes sense here. How could young Charlie Kirk really believe it'd be a good thing to give citizenship (basically, because it's almost a done deal) to every foreign student when the guy was on campus, seeing how many foreign students there are and seeing how poor the job market is for even many Engr/Science graduates?

Could he really believe his own crap on immigration? I'd guess the billionaires that you point out behind the scenes want this suicidal policy to be supported by these campus "conservatives". You noted that Kirk has modified his stance, but all that means is that his words will change, not really any policy that he or his cohorts will push were he or they in some office. The billionaire donors will make sure they get what they want.

Anyway, great comment, BernCar, and thanks.
Thursday - November 14th 2019 8:46AM MST
PS: My understanding of "Kirk vs Fuentes" is that Fuentes, a YouTuber with a following of right-leaning young people, believes that Kirk is, in common parlance, a grifter--in this case, a Junior Chamber of Commerce type who is a figurehead for a billionare-funded, neocon Turning Point, USA, whose purpose is to bleed pressure off the fire eaters of the young right. Indeed, Kirk does seem to have principles that are facile and fluid--less than a month ago he was advocating that foreign students graduating from American universities should have a "green card stapled to their diplomas", presumably so these skilled foreigners could stay here and do the engineering, research, coding and writing jobs that Americans just won't do. "Stapled green cards" is the exact phrase that Pelosi and other prominent Democrats have used in the past, but Kirk has since modified that under pressure from the Groypers.

Groyper is the name of the fatter brother of the cartoon frog, Pepe, and Fuentes' followers took that name, I guess, because Pepe had become passé.

To be honest, Fuentes is annoying to me, too, but I think he got lucky in his choice of targets. Kirk's "Culture War" campus tour had him at one point apperaring on stage with a homosexual of color (not that there's anything wrong with that), which some of the fire-eaters thought was indicative of the same old problem with the GOPe, that is, conceding too much to the other side right off the bat.
Thursday - November 14th 2019 6:04AM MST
PS: Thank you, anon. It's the gator country - what the heck was I thinking? Fixed.
Wednesday - November 13th 2019 9:34PM MST
PS: U of F is in Gainesville.
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