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Posted On: Thursday - November 7th 2019 8:18PM MST
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They both happen to be women too, so feminists, get off our ass!

As usual, I like to read the work of Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin, both good conservatives, the former more Libertarian in principle and the latter becoming Libertarian due to having kids in government schools.

Ann Coulter's column this week is about a favorite topic of Peak Stupidity, the state of California. Note the absence of a capital "S" on state there, as my meaning is the "condition" of California. California is in a bad state, and what a rapid demise from being nearly Paradise. Let's just go straight to Miss Coulter from California Dems Show Us The Future. Run For Your Lives!:
California is wholly controlled by the Democratic Party. The governor is a Democrat. The lieutenant governor is a Democrat. The attorney general, secretary of state and treasurer are Democrats. All these positions have been held by Democrats since the governorship of Arnold Schwarzenegger (who was a Democrat). The state Senate is just under two-thirds Democratic, while the assembly is more than two-thirds Democratic. Both U.S. senators are Democrats, as are 46 of 53 members of Congress.

And what a paradise they’ve created! For the last several years, with a direct pipeline to the fifth-largest treasury on the planet, California has been waging war on decent people in favor of drug addicts, the mentally ill, criminals, the homeless and transgenders.

In the last century, every great thing started in California: surfing, jeans, Disneyland, tax revolts, McDonald's, movies, car culture, the Grateful Dead, right on red turns, Merle Haggard, skateboarding, Apple computer and the last two elected Republican presidents not named “Bush.”

Big political movements used to begin in California. Proposition 13’s cap on property taxes led to President Ronald Reagan and a nationwide tax revolt. Proposition 209’s ban on affirmative action was followed by Supreme Court rulings restricting the government’s ability to discriminate on the basis of race. California’s anti-crime rebellion, including a massive prison expansion and the voters’ removal of liberal lunatic Rose Bird from the state’s highest court, foreshadowed an anti-crime pushback across the country.

These days, the only California-originated idea to sweep the nation is: banning plastic straws. The state is a calamity. Its optimism and vigor are gone. Instead of “The Golden State,” California is now “The Human Excrement State.”

Let’s just pray that California is no longer a window into our future.
That's about 1/2 the article. The 2nd half goes into some examples of how the single-party Democrats there rule outside of the law. Would you ever expect otherwise?

Oh, sure, back in the 1960s, well, yeah, they had their free speech movements and sit-ins, and lots of other big 1st-Amendment sanctioned gatherings and other un-civil disobedience. That was then; this is now. The ctrl-left had great respect for the US Constitution (excepting Amendment II) back when due process and the letter of the law (technicalities) kept them out of jail many a night after being arrested for inciting riots and destroying buildings. The left RUNS THE INSTITUTION now. They have absolutely no need for rule of law and that kind of crap anymore.

Rant 1 being over, lets note what PS literary pundit number 2 has to say.

Michelle Malkin's latest column, Three Cheers for Refugee Reduction! is good not mainly due to her writing but just the small piece of good news she brings. President Trump had (for now!) approved a refugee cap of 18,000 yearly into the US. The numbers have been over 100,000. Foreigners from these places bring relatives as soon as they can afterward, for brides, slave labor, you name it, so these number mean LOTS of strange people after a while into your neighborhood. Mrs. Malkin describe the lamentations of the Globalists here along with a little history of this program:
CNN International led the open borders funeral procession last week, with a report decrying, "No refugees will be resettled in the US in October, leaving hundreds in limbo around the world." U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., hyperventilated that "Donald Trump is trying to destroy the very heart of this nation. I won't let him." Social justice group CARE bemoaned this "dark moment in our nation's history." Human Rights First complained that Trump's proposal is "crippling the United States' status as a global leader in refugee resettlement."

Heaven forbid citizens in a sovereign nation have an effective say in who comes here, from where and how many. Is one refugee-less month in America such a catastrophe? Calm down, Chicken Littles. Get some perspective.

It is most certainly true that America has a legacy of embracing people from around the world fleeing persecution and war. After World War II, the U.S. helped lead efforts to assist 650,000 displaced Europeans who had fled in fear, were expelled and were victims of Nazi crimes and terror. Congress passed the 1948 Displaced Persons Act to accommodate them. Five years later, the Refugee Relief Act of 1953 aided refugees from Italy and East Germany escaping Communist regimes, adding another 250,000 refugees over four years. In the 1950s and 1960s, we welcomed Hungarians, Cubans and Czechoslovakians also escaping Communist oppression. In the 1970s, we opened our doors to an estimated 300,000 political refugees from Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. The Refugee Act of 1980 created the Office of Refugee Resettlement and office of U.S. Coordinator for Refugee Affairs and raised the annual ceiling of admissions to 50,000.
The big lie being spread around by the left is that these refugees are coming specifically from places that the US has had a hand in destroying. The reader should know by now that Peak Stupidity is against both arms of the "Invade-the-world/Invite-the-world" strategy of the Globalists. Even with the unconstitutional American invasions all over the Middle East and so on, the people coming over as "refugees" are not often from related countries. How about those Africans, coming through Mexico to get here? How about the Somalians imported for the plain hell of it? Are we going back 30 years with this? The millions of Mexicans, is this about Santa Ana?

Regarding the Africans, along with others, the idea of taking in refugees is supposed to be that they end up in the NEAREST safe country. The US is not any kind of nearest country. Then, from said nearest country, when things get safer at home, they are supposed to COME BACK. There is no way these people plan on coming back, except for 6-month ISIS TDYs. There is too much free stuff here, and 1/2 of them will be on it for life, per this Michelle Malkin column. Here's more on the perpetrators of this ruination, many being the nice church ladies:
A tiny cabal of government contractors, mostly religious groups cloaking their profit-seeking in compassion and Scripture, perpetuates the refugee resettlement racket. Openly hostile to American sovereignty, these people spread their tax-subsidized syndicate's wealth to a vast network of subcontractors, often tied to billionaire George Soros and his Open Society Foundations, which promote global governance and unfettered migration espoused by the United Nations, European Union and Vatican. These special interests have systematically blurred the lines between legitimate refugees seeking asylum from oppression and economic migrants from Central America clamoring for higher wages or better welfare benefits. They're indifferent to the national security risks of absorbing large numbers of Muslims whose adherence to repressive sharia and religious jihad is utterly incompatible with our constitutional principles.
Oh, and I almost forgot. There are now "Climate Change Refugees". Now that's getting ahead of the game. Perhaps these people come from countries with better mathematical models of the Earth's climate than what we get here. I mostly mentioned this last piece of stupidity to work in Mrs. Malkin's best zinger of the column:
Doesn't America have enough residents in need of shelter and support? If we let in millions of "climate change refugees," where do Americans seek refuge when they render our climate uninhabitable?

Good work, pundit # 1 and pundit #2!

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