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Posted On: Tuesday - November 5th 2019 7:02PM MST
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I've kinda lost track of the direction I planned on going in for posts this week, sometime over the weekend. I'll get back on it, but I just ran across this great video. This was made a year ago. Man, that's what I get for not being on Facebook, I guess! Hat tip to Dtbb.

I am very impressed by the amount of work involved, simply because one would have to have a great memory to keep the phrases needed for the song in one's head while going through a whole bunch of Trump speeches. I'm not sure if there is any political agenda with this one - it'd be great if it was made just for the pure fun of it.

As a reference for those born well after the era in which MTV did not suck, the video had Donald Trump's words made into the lyrics of Once in a Lifetime by the Talking Heads, headed by big-suit wearing semi-weirdo David Byrne. The song is from that band's album Remain in Light from just under 40 years ago! I believe it was the first music video I ever saw, on a Black&White TV sometime in the summer of '81.

Wednesday - November 6th 2019 6:09AM MST
PS: Thanks for putting that up in unz comments, Dtbb! How could I have missed this? Youtube, up your game! Quit with the hot-asian bikini girls suggestions. Why would you think ... that ...
Tuesday - November 5th 2019 9:26PM MST
PS: Glad you liked it. I couldn't stop laughing after seeing it. The YouTube algorithm suggested it today otherwise I never would have seen it.
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