The Dead - Werewolves of London - Halloween 1985 show

Posted On: Thursday - October 31st 2019 8:44PM MST
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The sound on this recording is not very good, and Jerry couldn't sing as good as Warren Zevon, but the Dead made every song their own. We've got Warren Zevon's version - well he wrote it - featured here.

Jerry got in a couple of very short solos, but maybe he should have just gone the same way as Lynryd Skynryd's Ed King on Sweet Home Alabama, as, after all, the chord progression is exactly the same. Nah, probably wouldn't have worked ...

Don't mind the 1st minute or so of the ending of the "space" part of the set. It was just the normal noises around there. Their Werewolves was the first song of this show played at the old Carolina Coliseum in Columbia, S. Carolina.

Happy Halloween, Peak Stupidity readers!

Friday - November 1st 2019 1:20PM MST
PS: Ganderson, thanks for the quick report anyway. I like the drumming, but not as much as the real music, of course. The space music is only good when listening to recordings at home. It takes a certain kind of mood.
Friday - November 1st 2019 7:05AM MST
PS. And, even after 50 years ; or especially after 50 years I still don’t like drums and space. Never have.
Friday - November 1st 2019 7:00AM MST
PS. First time I saw them do this was in the summer of ‘78 - St. Paul Civic Center. It’s part of the “Betty Boards” box set and the show is very good. My memory tells me Weir was wearing a wolf man mask, but that might have been in October at the Uptown in Chicago. Warren and David Lindley do a nice version of Casey Jones, by the way.

On another note, I’m not going to be able to get my travelogue together.
I was in Sweden for eight days, hanging out with my rather well off cousins, buzzing between Malmö, Lund, Gothenberg; and up in the country in Dalsland, where my father’s parents were born. Didn’t see much of the “New” Sweden- more head coverings and surly middle easterners to be sure, but life there is pretty pleasant. Granted, on our walking tour of the center of Malmö se didn't’ see much mayhem, but again we were not looking for it either. We didn't go to Rosengård; in other words, it might be I was sucked into the same dream world that the natives are in. The place might be falling apart, and the long term demographics are terrible (I know a ton of childless Swedish women, so even if the muzzies don’t take over the Cat ladies might), but for now things seem to be holding on.
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