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Posted On: Thursday - October 31st 2019 1:22PM MST
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Just in case you didn't catch the meaning in my clever-by-150% post title, "Oceania" is the name for England in George Orwell's famous dystopian novel instruction manual 1984. You've heard of the Stamp collector's Bible, the Ammo Reloader's Bible and other comprehensive titles like this, right? Well, perhaps 1984 is the Tyrant's Bible, available in large print for budding tyrants whose leaders have executed anyone wearing glasses, you know, just to be sure*.

I mean it, though - that place is living up to the standards of the book now, this day. Sure, they are 35 years behind schedule, but, hey, they've got new and improved "TECH", so ... One of these is called "the tweet". From a tweet from the MiniTru to the population of Oceania, we hear about the Radicalis[sic]ation Awareness Network:

More from the tweet:
Meet Hanna. She’s 19. Her friends were #harassed by a group of African men. Concerned about her own safety, she is drawn to a #farright extremist group with a hostile attitude against #migrants. Hanna's mother is worried. What’s the priority in terms of addressing this case?
Wait, not just "harassed" but Pound-harassed. I guess that means harassed via pounding in the ass, but maybe it's just that British spelling again. So imaginary Hanna has a right to be pissed and joining or at least supporting the alt-right who want to stop the immigration stupidity madness, seems, well, quite brilliant, as they'd say over in Oceania, or the Newspeak version thereof.

Per the advert, as they say there too, doing this is getting radicalis[sic]ed. Yet, letting in foreign men ready to "harass" women on a mass level (Peak Stupidity has apparently not written yet about the "grooming" - nope they don't just brush their hair - of young girls in Rotherham. It's been going on for years!)

Yeah the Radicalis[sic]ation Awareness Network is telling us that recruitment of girls to the alt-right were a big thing. Really, if it were that easy to recruit young cute girls to the “far-right”. the far-right would have control of the bloody House of Commons and the bloody House of Lords Right by now. Who do they actually have, for chicks in the movement, Tommy Robinson's girlfriend (and he deserves one)? They won't even let American alt-right people enter the country!

Honestly, for a radicalization date - they look to be having a pretty good time. I'm not sure this advert is gonna work here. White girls like sitting on rocks and having deep talks at sunset.

That's not the video - just a screenshot from it.

I wanted to embed the video here, but youtube doesn't seem to have it. You'll be absolutely disgusted at the lies, so don't eat anything but dry crackers first, then watch on Steve Sailer's post What's the Matta with Hanna?. Mr. Sailer keeps his sense of humor too, you can tell. ("If you can keep your sense of humour when those about you are losing their souls ...")

This is some serious Orwellian shit here, probably paid for by working Brits’ tax dollars**. Just turn the truth around 180 degrees and broadcast it out to the public. They won’t believe it over their own lying eyes, but that’s not the point. It’s so much fun degrading them like this, knowing they have to listen to the lies, while the truth is that they are being replaced, and in the meantime held out to the Moslems for prostitution, taxed into poverty, taken by the state for indoctrination by age 5, and told they must not protest under penalty of law.

* NEVER AGAIN! We'll all wear contacts this time around, or get Lasik surgery. Picking out the intellectuals this time will require a visit to the University.

** Yet, they voted in the Socialism, dinnay, Govna, so I can’t say that most don’t deserve it.

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