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Posted On: Tuesday - January 17th 2017 9:09AM MST
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We mentioned Miss Ann Barnhardt at the bottom of this post about Pope Francis. She has had a lot to say about the guy.

Miss Barnhardt is what you might call a "piece of work". That's usually said in a disparaging way, but I really don't quite mean that about her. I ran into this character (see, "character" is a nicer word, but not strong enough for this woman) on the web more than 5 years back after watching this video of Ann reading passages from the Koran to demonstrate some of the true meaning of Islam. She does not mince a lot of words, and burns the offending passages, which is her and any American's right to do. It's a great video.

You may want to skip 2:20 to 6:20. The fun starts at 6:20.

"Raw bacon makes the best Koran bookmarks." Hahaha, now that's just funny there - I don't care who ya are. (Oh, I mean, unless you're the grand muffti top goat-fuckler of East Dearbornistan ...)

This lady rocks! Her treatment of Miss Lindsey Graham (Traitor-SC) is great too, and the use of the word "Jackass" is nice - that word has not been in widespread use for many years, and PeakStupidity believes the time has long passed to bring this semi-cussword back into the forefront of the cuss-cabulary.

Miss Barnhardt's website was originally about her cattle futures/financial stuff out of Colorado, which was the business she had been in before the bank bailouts. She has more character than most American men to leave this business behind on principle (admittedly, easier for a woman, as a man may have to hold off on principles to take care of family.) The site turned into a mostly religious but part political site after, I assume her slight fame due to the video shown above.

The part where we tend to differ is in her extreme religious views. It's not her hard-core Catholicism itself - I admire someone with her personality, so it's not that. Miss Barnhardt's views on keeping a serious amount of Islam out of this county are correct, so it's not that either. Although she does rightfully malign a neo-con warmonger with the "Invade-the-world, invite-the-world"* strategy stupidity, she does not seem to understand the problem with the "invade-the-world" part. In fact, I quit reading her website regularly only after she revealed her dislike of Ron Paul. (She dislikes a lot of people, but we could say the same for ourselves at PeakStupidity.)

How about we leave these people to wallow in their own deep, deep, stupidity in their part of the world? Just leave them alone. More about this "invade-the-world, invite-the-world" stupidity of the American elites in a later post, but I just don't think Miss Barnhardt gets the problem with the first half of it.

Lastly wrt Ann Barnhardt, again about her religious views. She thinks worse of this Commie Pope Francis than even PeakStupidity does. Good stuff. However, she also thinks all Protestants are going straight to hell (yes, without passing go or collecting our 200 monopoly dollars). Her religious views are pretty extreme. She knows so much history of the Catholic church and believes very strongly as a Catholic. We can't fault that; we find nothing wrong with extreme views of people who aren't in a position of power to exert control of other people via these views. She is not. It's just that reading her website gets pretty tedious if you do not agree with her 100%. Believe me, I would write her that if she had access to her website via commenting. Again, she had a problem with Ron Paul, and that was enough for me re Ann Barnhardt.

*This phrase was originated by, and probably came from Mr. Steve Sailer, though possibly from VDare strongman ;-}, Mr. Peter Brimelow.

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