A Holiday for Sluts

Posted On: Wednesday - October 30th 2019 8:42AM MST
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Last year, Peak Stupidity commented on Halloween as a Burlesque Show, and I learned a little bit about burlesque shows off of Wikipedia doing it too. Things have not changed in the direction of chastity, per a recent visit to a specialty store for a Halloween costume*.

My only question (that I'd like to have asked) at the check-out counter: "Is this the costume store or Victoria's Secret?"** They even have the costumes wrapped up in plastic, just like the old Playboy magazines at the 7-11. Will they let you take them into the bathroom? No, no, I mean, you may want to try them on.

The women do enjoy dressing up like sluts, cause it's not everyday (most of them) can do this sort of thing.

* I know, I know, WE also used to make them ourselves, or our Mom did. It's just not happening like that, unfortunately.

** We've also discussed in these pages Victoria's Other Secret.

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