Peak Stupidity says NO to Human Trafficking

Posted On: Monday - October 28th 2019 10:12AM MST
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This is some new cause-of-the-current-year, this "human trafficking" business. The name is just stupid, We used to say kidnapping. "Kid" "napping", weil, OK not the best term as there is nothing wrong with kids napping, but hey, I'm tired of learning new shit for nothing! That goes even for new terms like "human trafficking", "people of color", "Beijing", and, above all, "Myanmar"!

Well, no matter what the US Globalist Big-Biz has to say about it, the kidnapping of young people and transportation of same, is not a big problem in the traditional US of A. That is, unless you count Dads that have taken their little ones away from sicko Moms and the Family Court ruination of their lives. I don't count that. I wrote "traditional" US just now, as most of the human trafficking within this country is done by immigrants of very foreign cultures that do this stuff regularly in their homelands. We don't want to impose on their cultures of grooming young girls for prostitution, bringing over fully-vetted-I'm-sure young immigrants to make into slaves (sexual and just the mundane stay-in-the-house-24/7/365-and-clean-the toilets version), and other examples (read VDare on this stuff).

Outside the country though, much of the human trafficking has been discussed quite a bit on the news, using the terms "caravans" and "coyotes" instead. These are kids sent by their parents with complete strangers on 1-2,000 mile trips to sneak into our country. We don't want to use that nasty term, "trafficking" regarding this activity, as they are future valedictorians and shit...

So, let's pick on the normal Americans and make them feel that they are evil in just one more way, because kids are being "trafficked" (DAMN, what a stupid phrase!), and we should be all very vigilant. OK, I mean be vigilant, but don't go being a vigilante, now! (Hmmmm, sounds like a Mexican term, coincidentally.)

Here's the thing: Jeffrey Epstein is dead. He did pretty well with that Lolita-XPress business, when those girls absolutely, positively had to come overnight. Is this a new business "space" that we could fill? I mean, the guy had a 727, so, you know?

Well, Peak Stupidity has taken a quick look at the possibilities for human trafficking. How about a young Swedish girl?

NAH! I mean, I know how to sail, and she's got her own yacht, but ... NAH! Greta Thunberg has probably turned off thousands, if not millions, of potential human traffickers from this idea. For that, we can be grateful to her. "Heeyy, Greta, just call me cigar Bill. Put on the blue dress, young lady. We'll get a coupla' cheesburgers and shakes, and then I can show you my, uhhh, cigar collection..." "No, I don't want any EMISSIONS from you! HOW DARE YOU?"

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