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Posted On: Friday - October 25th 2019 8:47AM MST
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Doing her best to keep her batting average above .980, our favorite literary pundit, Ann Coulter, has knocked another one out of the park, with "We, Too, Can Be A Failed Latin American State!". This latest column of hers echoes what Peak Stupidity has been arguing for quite some time, especially in our admonitions to the Libertarians*, at least those Reason magazine open borders idiots.
The left’s enthusiasm for Third World immigrants isn’t only because they vote 8-2 for the Democrats. It’s that Latin American peasants seem uniquely amenable to idiotic socialist schemes.

You probably think it’s beyond silliness for Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren to keep promising FREE HEALTH CARE FOR ALL! NO PREMIUMS! NO CO-PAYS! ILLEGAL ALIENS, TOO! EVERYBODY GETS A PONY!

No one could be gullible enough to fall for that.

I refer you to the economic powerhouse that is Latin America.
That's just the beginning - Miss Coulter gets into accurate details, as usual, concentrating on the recent history of Venezuela, former crown jewel of South America.

Does Ann Coulter read the Peak Stupidity blog? No, I wish, but I don't really think so. It is very heartening to see this being written out, though, for some of the alt-right Socialists. Yes, we are importing Socialism, and even though we agree on stopping the immigration invasion, it is especially important to keep out those who would turn us even more Socialist. Read up on Latin American history, and you will see that things just never seem to work out for very long down there.

Who could immigrate here instead, if ANYBODY, that WON'T result in importing the Socialist mindset? Well, there were the Cubans and the Vietnamese, who had experienced it imposed on them and got the hell out, but that was all way back. Even Europeans are generally more Socialist than your average American, so enough of that. South African white people, maybe? Who knows? America has spent 150 years experimenting with immigrants who had different mindsets than the original British/Irish and many Germans. There is no control group to this experiment. The results are final. Maybe somebody can get a Master's thesis out of it, so there's that ...

* BTW, if this blog had started up as recently as 15 years ago even, with the Immigration Stupidity not so visible an existential crisis (at least to this still-somewhat-unaware guy), this site would have been mainly about the topics in with the Liberty Libertarianism topic key.

Monday - October 28th 2019 10:19AM MST
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Monday - October 28th 2019 10:19AM MST
PS: Yes, that is a good point. I've made it elsewhere, but I don't think on here. Was it Milton Freedman who said "you can have a welfare state or open borders, but now both"? Of course, we don't want either.

Agreed somewhat on your 2nd para. (Like you say you are not speaking for yourself anyway), They may need to wait, but because we are importing people who will NEVER think or vote L, then they may have to wait a long time, like until the map changes drastically. (Of course, that was the subject of the Peak Stupidity post in question.)
Rex Little
Monday - October 28th 2019 7:20AM MST
PS The first sentence in the second paragraph of my comment above (or below; I forget in what order comments are arranged here) should have been italicized. Does this site take HTML tags? I used left-caret i right-caret and left-caret /i right-caret, but those apparently were ignored.
Rex Little
Monday - October 28th 2019 7:10AM MST
PS I linked over to your "admonitions to Libertarians". As a Libertarian myself (my party membership has lapsed, but I've voted for every candidate they've ever gotten on my ballot), I want to mention a point you didn't make there.

Open borders are incompatible with a welfare state. Even if open borders are a libertarian philosophical ideal (I would argue that they're not, but that's another post), they need to wait til the welfare system has been abolished.
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