Scandi-Anarcho-Tyranny and the Commies

Posted On: Thursday - October 17th 2019 9:22PM MST
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VDare reported today on a Scandinavian Nationalist conference that was harassed and attacked by their ctrl-left very much as VDare conferences themselves, along with the American Renaissance ones, do. The letter writer who reported from this Scandza conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, compared the way things went down to the happenings in Charlottesville 2 years back, using the term Anarcho-tyranny. This stuff is now world-wide, or at least anywhere Conservatives want to have a say in things.

An interesting thing told by this Scandinavian VDare letter-writer was that some union leaders of the police force that refused to keep the peace, letting the antifa goons attack the peaceful private conference with only 4 arrests on minor charges (sound familiar?) are Communists. (The picture above was taken directly from the VDare letter/report.) But, but ... Communism is dead, 'cause the Cold War is over... that's what they say.

Peak Stupidity knows better. We have stated the following before: It's not like the antifa worthless misfits and the SJW groups of all kinds are full of students of Marx, Lenin, and Trotsky. They don't memorize Chairman Mao's little red book, except for likely the resident Commie Godfree Roberts. OK, so that means they don't know the whole Commie program about "to each according to his needs, from each according to her fertility" and the definitions of the "proletariat" and the "bourgeoisie" and other strange European words. They don't have to. They've had their successful long march through the institutions of America, so they can just speak their anti-American bullshit in plain American English, with the power of Big-Ed, the Lyin' Press, and the Feral Gov'ts behind them (the institutions they have taken over).

What makes them Commies is simply that, in the same way as the Bolsheviks, the Red Chinese, and the followers of Castro and Pol Pot, they don't think life is fair to them and therefore want to see all traditional conservative institutions of people's lives be destroyed. It's the same type of people a century, 70 years, 60 years, and ~ 45 years later, respectively, that are involved, whether they use the official Communist catch-phrases or not.

We can see these people showing their true colors (bright red) in the photo from Copenhagen. Sure, Western Europe has always had more tolerance for Communism than old-fashioned America has. We had our tail-gunner McCarthy's and John Birch Societies, and I, for one, am damn proud of them all. I just read a comment 1/2 hour ago under one of John Derbyshire's articles on China (from his recent trip) that applies:
UR ["Unz Review"] attracts a lot of ageing Cold Warriors who are still obsessed with searching for commies under the bed. They still think it’s the 1950s. Everything is a communist conspiracy. You can’t reason with them.
Oh, it's not really a conspiracy, and they never were under beds, just in Sociology Departments, newsrooms, Feral Government agencies, that kind of thing. They are just coming out of the woodwork, as their time comes again.

They will need to be put down with extreme prejudice at some point, as the Anarcho-tyranny is definitely not working for us.

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