Bread and Circuses - Part 4 - The Media Circus

Posted On: Monday - October 14th 2019 9:40AM MST
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In the previous post of this series, we discussed how many and varied are the types of "circenses" during this decline of the America empire vs. during the decline (and fall, mind you) of the Roman empire. There is more to it now, though, of course: the media circus.

It was a simple 3-ring 3-channel circus early on:

We don't get demographics on you all, as with Chinese internet, so I don't know how many Peak Stupidity readers are old enough to remember when the TV wasn't on nearly all the time, at home, at the store, at the airport, etc., mainly, because it COULDN'T BE. They cost a lot, they were too much like a piece of furniture to hand everywhere, the stations (remember stations?) just signed the hell off with the Star-Spangled Banner at 11 P or midnight, and everyone went to sleep. When it came to news, it was 1/2 hour a day national, and 1/2 hour local news, not enough time for babbling idiots (other a few of the anchormen). It likely took a while for the creators of the shows to understand how they could write scripts with agendas inserted, likely not till the 1970s.

Starting 'em early now.

CNN was the first network, as I recall, to make news broadcasting a full-time job. I think the original idea was to have the news available for people to watch a bit of at any time, rather than just at 6:30 P Eastern time. There was a lot of mission creep, needed to keep interest and fill in all that 24/7 airtime. They could have broadcast re-runs of Hogan's Heroes, and One Day at a Time, but since they are the "Cable News Network, they stuck to that, rather than keeping the name and going completely off the mission, such as with the History Channel showing continuous Pawn Stars instead of history.

CNN narrates per the agenda:

CNN could have just found more stories from around the country to fill the time - to me that would have been a better use of their capital. No, they just take the few "big" stories and go with them over and over. That may seem like what I stated was the original mission in the last paragraph, but no, the deal is that now, all the big stories must be discussed endlessly by and with "experts". It's not broadcasting of even what they say is news, it's broadcasting of endless blabbering about the same news.

Now, as I wrote, Americans have the various and sundry big-time sports as their modern "circuses". However, even the many that DO CARE enough about their country to try to keep up with happenings, in addition to their sports, are just distracted by another type of circus. This crap is on endlessly and everywhere. Americans rooting for the Red Squad can watch FOX and hear the one side of the stories a little more. Those that root for the Blue Squad can watch CNN and MSNBC to catch the other side of the stories. The problem is: what are these stories? Major things happening in the world and in America that don't fit the narrative of The Party are just not story material, while lots of the stupidity in American politics is broadcast as the stories, over and over.

The nonstop TV media doesn't get to fundamental questions about the existence of, and decline of, America, such as the big picture on immigration (the numbers), the drastic changes to our economy for the worse, and the fact that America has been running as an empire to begin with. So long as it's not anything that intentionally causes Americans to think about the fundamental problems, all this Red-Squad/Blue-Squad squabbling is fine entertainment, like the Superbowl or NCAA final 4. In the meantime, not many understand the agenda that CNN and all the networks work under to keep the narrative going in the same direction - toward Globalism.

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